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Bob Gowdy, Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Executive, MicrosoftChris Koenig, Developer Evangelist, MicrosoftKevin Walsh, Principal Consultant, Microsoft
Michael Dereszynski, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Certified Architect for Solutions, Professional Architect with IASA, MicrosoftRob Tennyson, Application Development Manager, MicrosoftRod Fournier, Senior Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft
David Walker, Senior Application Development Manager (ADM), MicrosoftJay Smith, PMO Architect and Evangelist, Microsoft MVP, Tyson Foods, Inc.Rob Vettor, Application Architect and Technical Lead, Microsoft C# MVP, SolArc
Tom DuPont, Vice President, CodeSmith Tools, LLCRandy Walker, INETA Membership Mentor, Microsoft MVP, Owner, Harvest I.T.Tim Rayburn, Microsoft MVP - Connected Systems, Principal Consultant, Improving Enterprises
Brian Sullivan, Application Developer, Falcon Applications, LLCChris Conley, CEO, C Solutions, Inc.Corey Roth, Enterprise Consultant, Stonebridge
Dennis Bottjer, Solutions Architect / Consultant, Bank of AmericaDevlin Liles, Senior Consultant, Improving EnterprisesJP Jones, Creative Director, Designer, Author, Teacher, Owner of Paige1Publishing, Co-Owner of Collipsis Web Solutions, LLC.
JP Thompson, Senior Technical Expert, WalmartMichael Perry, Solutions Architect, AmerisourceBergenSarah Daigle Scott, @TechTeacherGirl, Sass Interactive
Todd Stone, Senior Software Developer, HBS SystemsFaiz Farazi, Microsoft SQL Server Support Engineer, Tyson Foods, Inc.Michael Smith, Channel Manager, Faronics


Michael Perry, Solutions Architect, AmerisourceBergen

Michael Perry, Solutions Architect, AmerisourceBergen

Throughout his career, Michael has applied mathematical concepts to the construction of software. As a Solutions Architect at AmerisourceBergen, he applies the concepts of eventual consistency, event sourcing, and CQRS to building scalable and robust enterprise systems. He has written about the mathematical underpinnings of various algorithms in C/C++ Users Journal, Delphi Informant, and Code Magazine. Craig Shoemaker interviewed him on the Polymorphic Podcast about Update Controls, an open source project based on the mathematical concept of dependency. You can find out more at


Hands-on MVVM

As people apply data binding to real applications, patterns have emerged. One of the most prevalent is Model-View-ViewModel. In truth, MVVM is not just one pattern. It is a collection if interrelated patterns. Each person has a different idea of what MVVM actually looks like. This is my opinion.

We will walk through the emergence of MVVM in a WPF application. The goal of this exercise is to understand why it is good to follow these patterns. We are going to start with direct data binding. We won?t add any code until we need it. When we find that things don?t work, we?ll add code to make them work. When things start to get messy, we will refactor to clean them up.
March 25th - 1:00 PM
March 25th

Data Binding without INotifyPropertyChanged

Data binding in WPF and Silverlight is extremely powerful. However, it can also be painful. The most painful part is knowing when to raise PropertyChanged events.

Update Controls is an open source library that takes that pain out of XAML development. It discovers dependencies within your code, and fires PropertyChanged events on your behalf. It's not simply an INotifyPropertyChanged wrapper. It's completely automatic.

In this talk, I'll show you how to data bind in both WPF and Silverlight without INotifyPropertyChanged. I'll demonstrate patterns, starting with MVVM and MVC, and going beyond to Navigation Model and VM Tuple. These patterns enable a fluid style of rapid feature development not previously possible.
March 25th - 2:30 PM
March 25th

The CAP Theorem and its Consequences

In 2000, Eric Brewer postulated the CAP Theorem. It defines the behavior of distributed systems. Since then, we have based several architectures on this work.

The CAP Theorem states that any subsystem can have only two of these three attributes:

* Consistency
* Availability
* Partition Tolerance

Consistency is the property that two users see the same state. Availability means that a node gives a meaningful response in a reasonable period of time. Partition Tolerance allows a system to continue operating in the face of repeated message loss.

If you can have only two, which two do you choose? Traditional architectures have chosen consistency over partition tolerance. New architectures are reversing that trend.

We will discuss architectural decisions, such as:
* Eventual Consistency
* Event Sourcing
* Command Query Responsibility Segregation

I will demonstrate ways of coding these architectures, and the benefits and drawbacks of each technique.
March 25th - 4:00 PM
March 25th

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