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Nick Dozier, Local Entrepreneur and Specialist in .NET, C#, and RetailLink, Atlas Technology Group

Nick Dozier, Local Entrepreneur and Specialist in .NET, C#, and RetailLink, Atlas Technology Group

Nick Dozier started his own small business in 2001 as a fix-break company in Fayetteville, AR. Since then, his business(es) have grown and gone through many changes. From being a one man army, to hiring multiple people, to selling a branch of his company, to entertaining venture capital, and much more along the way. In its Current iteration, Nick now owns and operates Dozier Technology Group, Inc, a technology company focused on software development, small datacenter/cloud based hosting, managed services. Nick also owns and operates Atlas Technology Group, Inc that is one of the leaders, and fastest growing, technology solution providers for the walmart supplier community, employing 5 top level engineers. On the side Nick and his team work with GameXChange to provide all of the inventory, point of sale, analytics, and technology solutions for the 60+ store retail chain.

Building your product is just one of the challenges to being in business. Nick Dozier knows. It's not all about developing. In this session, Nick will go over issues and pitfalls (many learned the hard way) he has learned over his 11 years in business. They include hiring the right people, lawyers, contracts, managing projects, investors, hardware/software purchasing, small business resources, organizing, web presence, taxes, payroll, employee and company morale and focus, what to watch out for in negotiations, presenting yourself and company professionally, and many others. If you've ever thought about starting your own business in the NWA area, especially in the software / technology industry, you should come by and listen. This session will be very interactive and driven by people's questions and feedback.



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