TulsaTechFest 2008

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 Featured Speakers

Chris Bernard, User Experience Evangelist, MicrosoftBrian Gorbett, Architect Evangelist, MicrosoftRob Howard, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, an ASPInsider, Founder and CEO, Telligent
Jef Newsom, Co-Founder and the Agile Practice Leader, Improving Enterprises, Inc.Bill Vaughn, Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Founder, Beta V CorporationLes Pinter, Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Founder, Pinter Consulting
Chris Koenig, Developer Evangelist   , MicrosoftZain Naboulsi, Developer Evangelist, MicrosoftPhil Wheat, Architect Evangelist, Microsoft
Jason Lee, Senior Java Developer, Sun MicrosystemsCaleb Jenkins, Microsoft MVP - Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET, Training Mentor / Consultant, Improving EnterprisesBrad McGehee, Microsoft MVP - SQL Server, Director of DBA Education, Red-Gate Software
Brent Ozar, SQL Server Expert, Quest SoftwareClaudio Lassala, Microsoft MVP - Visual C#, Senior Developer, EPS SoftwareDave Nicollette, Senior Consultant, Valtech Technologies
David Walker, Microsoft MVP - Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET, Technical Special in the Microsoft Practice Area, The Revere GroupDennis Bottjer, Microsoft MVP - Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET, Software Solutions Architect, SpringPoint TechnologiesEd Blankenship, Microsoft MVP, Release Engineering Team Lead, Infragistics
Eric Shupps, Microsoft SharePoint MVP, Founder / President, Binary WaveRandy Walker, INETA Membership Mentor, Microsoft MVP, Owner, Harvest I.T.Raymond Lewallen, Microsoft MVP - Visual C#, Solutions Architect, EMC
Robert Boedigheimer, Microsoft MVP - Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET, The Schwan Food CompanyTim Rayburn, Microsoft MVP - Connected Systems, Principal Consultant, SogetiBrett Schuchert, Senior Trainer, Mentor and Consultant, Object Mentor
Bryan Powell, Systems Engineer, Idera SoftwareJim Hudson, Senior Technology Evangelist, OakTree SoftwareRyan Hoegg, Senior Consultant, Valtech
Tina Mangham, Consultant, President - APLN Oklahoma, ValtechNoah Everett, Founder/CEO, NusoniBill Day, Director of Developer Products, Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc. (DRSI)
Brad Vernon, Owner - Shark Media, Web Developer, Bixby Telephone CompanyCuong Dang, Marketing Creative Director, Engage SoftwareDerek Lane, CTO, Semantra
Dustin Staiger, Creative Consultant, The Frontline GroupHenry Kenuam, Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer, Engage SoftwareJayson Street, CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, GCFA, IEM, IAM, CCSE, CCSA, Security+, f0rb1dd3n
John Hale, Professor of Computer Science and Director, Institute for Information Security, University of TulsaKen Byrd, .NET Consultant and Trainer, TekFocusLuke Crouch, Software Engineer, SourceForge.net
Michael Lotter, SharePoint Solutions Architect, B&R Business SolutionsPatrick Renner, Project Manager, Engage SoftwarePaul Holser, Agile Technologist, Semantra
Rob Reynolds, Federal Home Loan BankRob Vettor, Microsoft .NET Architect/Senior Solution Developer, AvanadeTim Elrod, Founder, Ri0tnet Security
Larry Winters, Project Management Practice Leader and a Senior Consultant, The Persimmon GroupBecky Isserman, Terracon ConsultantsBen Scheirman, Principal Consultant, Sogeti
Carlos Moreno, Marketing Director, Evolution StudiosConnor Raus, President, Connexs CommunicationsMichael Morehead, Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle Corporation
Alex Pezold, CISSP, CNSS, MS, QSA, Director of Strategic Services, FishNet SecurityBrandon Burk, Systems Development Manager, Sonic CorporationBrian Dukes, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, Engage Software
Buddy Lindsey, Jr., Waterfield TechnologiesChris Patterson, Software Architect, RelayHealthChuck Tryon, Tryon and Associates
Corey Roth, Enterprise Consultant, StonebridgeDru Sellers, Solution Architect, Federal Home Loan BankIan Robinson, Software Developer, Engage Software
Jason Townsend, Senior Analyst in Global Web Application Services, Conoco PhillipsJohn Eimer, Engage SoftwareKenyatta Clark, Senior Consultant, Valtech Technologies
Kyle Kelin, Senior Consultant, InfusionMark Jones, Director of Solution Services, Anyware Mobile SolutionsMark Watson, "Code Camp Junkie", Principal Consultant, Bizwax Solutions
Michael Paladino, Lead Application Developer, Eagle OneSaif Khan, Freelance Designer / ConsultantVance Lucas, Web Developer, Back40 Design, Inc.
Boyd Evert, Senior Associate, Connolly ConsultingRichard Oltmann, Senior Consultant / Principal Trainer, OakTree Software

 Tulsa TechFest 2008 - Agenda

8:00 am - Check-In begins

8:45 am - Welcome/Announcements

9:00 am - Opening Keynotes (See details below)

10:30 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

12:00 pm - Lunch - Sponsored by Tulsa Community College and Oracle

1:00 pm - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

2:30 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

4:00 pm - Closing Keynotes (See details below)

Oct 9th - 6:00 pm (ish - after prizes, etc) - Private dinner for speakers, sponsors, volunteers and a few lucky prize winners

Oct 10th - 6:00 pm (ish - after prizes, etc) - All attendees Thank You Dinner and "Battle of the Bands" - Rock Band 2 contest with prizes and food! (Must pre-register during Check-In

 Tulsa TechFest 2008 - Welcome and Keynote Agenda


Welcome to Tulsa TechFest 2008 - Day 1!

Speaker(s): David Walker

Preparing you for the day ahead. With all of the new things we have added to TulsaTechFest 2008 - Version 3.0 - you will not want to miss this.
Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 8:45 AM
Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote: The Future of User Experience

Speaker(s): Chris Bernard

Concepts like design, user experience, experience architecture—what do they mean? Why are they important or even critical to the future of Web or application design? How are they integral to the future of the enterprise, consumer experiences and social and visual media? In this keynote we’ll define these terms, discuss how they’re a part of our future, inspire your creativity and showcase the tangible steps Microsoft is taking to make this future a reality.
Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 9:00 AM
Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote: Enterprise 2.0

Speaker(s): Rob Howard

Enterprise 2.0 is characterized by the use of collaborative and social technologies to improve business processes. This in turn brings increased efficiency within the organization and enables companies to become more agile. In this keynote we’ll discuss how Enterprise 2.0 and social media will impact the future of the way people collaborate and share knowledge.
Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 4:00 PM

Welcome to Tulsa TechFest 2008 - Day 2!

Speaker(s): David Walker

Preparing you for the day ahead. With all of the new things we have added to TulsaTechFest 2008 - Version 3.0 - you will not want to miss this.
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 8:45 AM
Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote: Live - Brian Gorbett

Speaker(s): Brian Gorbett

The Windows Live Platform helps people access a vast social network. Learn how to harness the power of the Windows Live Platform to deliver Software+Services solutions. Gorbett will be drilling in on the existing services which open up Microsoft's consumer online offering to enhance rich interactive applications, and will give a forward looking overview of the future and how you can develop against it.
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 9:00 AM
Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote: Improving.

Speaker(s): Jef Newsom

Agile development is believed to have crossed the chasm into more broad-based adoption. But, as with most broad-based adoptions, there is a tendency for cargo cult mentality, rebranded status quo, and broad-based misunderstanding. This presentation will focus on one of the core tenets of Agile development, improving. By the end of this presentation you will have a number of very simple tools in your toolkit to recognize when you need to improve. They will help you find and remove the root cause of the problem to create lasting improvements. Moreover, you will be exposed to some of the more subtle obstacles that you will encounter as you begin a process of always improving in your work.
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 4:00 PM

 Tulsa TechFest 2008 - Break-Out Sessions

Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 10:30 AM
Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 1:00 PM
Oct 9th
Oct 9th - 2:30 PM
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 10:30 AM
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 1:00 PM
Oct 10th
Oct 10th - 2:30 PM
Track 01 - Silverlight 2.0 WPF and Silverlight Data Binding
Chris Koenig
WPF and Silverlight Styles and Templates
Chris Koenig
Silverlight with Visual Studio 2008 + Expression Blend
Caleb Jenkins
Developer Designer Zen (Bringing these two worlds together)
Caleb Jenkins
Silverlight 2 : Data & Visual Templates
Caleb Jenkins
Silverlight Development in SharePoint
Becky Isserman
Track 02 - Designers Open Spaces - CSS
Ben Scheirman
960 Grid Design in Photoshop
Carlos Moreno
Designing Effective E-Newsletters
Connor Raus
Open Spaces: JavaScript Libraries
David Walker
Flash - Beginning tips, advancing tricks
Saif Khan
Bulletproof Web Design
Mark Watson
Track 03 - Enterprise Architecture Architecting Modern Distributed Applications
Phil Wheat
Loosen Your Domain with Message-Driven Architecture
Dru Sellers, Chris Patterson
Painless SOA with RESTful services
Ryan Hoegg
Implementing Design Principles in Enterprise App Development
Rob Vettor
Lightweight Enterprise Architecture
Ryan Hoegg
CCR and DSSP: 7 letters that can make a difference
Phil Wheat
Track 04 - Project Management Executable Requirements with Fitnesse
Ryan Hoegg, Kenyatta Clark
Agile Project Management
Tina Mangham
Development Planning and Managing Mobile Solution Projects
Mark Jones
What's Your Charter?
Chuck Tryon
Retaining Organizational Knowledge - Projects Meet Knowledge Management
Chuck Tryon
7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers
Larry Winters
Track 05 - Agile Working Agile into a Non-Agile Environment
Tina Mangham
TDD in the RAW, building an algorithm from scratch using Ruby
Brett Schuchert
Comparing TDD and BDD in Ruby using Test::Unit and RSpec
Brett Schuchert
Manager's Introduction to Test-Driven Development
Dave Nicollette
An Introduction to Behavior Driven Design
Raymond Lewallen
Agile Metrics
Dave Nicollette
Track 06 - Data Security Google to Pwnage in 60 minutes
Jayson Street
Reverse Engineering Security Patches
Tim Elrod
The Common Vulnerability Scoring System
John Hale
"If a network falls in the Internet does it make a sound?" (The top 5 threats you don’t hear enough about.)
Jayson Street
COMikazi - The automated ActiveX fuzzing and Exploitation Framework
Tim Elrod
Data Security - Is your data out of control?
Alex Pezold
Track 07 - .NET 3.0 & 3.5 Using the new Features in C# 3.0
Claudio Lassala
Building services which rock!
Tim Rayburn
Intro to C# 3.0
Tim Rayburn
Parallel Programming in .NET
Tim Rayburn
Getting started with LINQ
Rob Vettor
SOA with Windows Communication Foundation
Jason Townsend
Track 08 - SQL Server DBA 101: Best Practices Every DBA Should Know
Brad McGehee
How to Become a SQL Server Profiler Master
Brad McGehee
How to Write a SQL Server Performance Review
Brent Ozar
SQL Server CLR Executables
Bill Vaughn
SQL Server Performance Monitoring & Budgeting with Perfmon
Brent Ozar
Migration, Management, and Monitoring of SQL Server 2008
Bryan Powell
Track 09 - AJAX & WEB DEV AJAX Development in SharePoint
Becky Isserman
Developing Rich Internet Applications with jQuery
Kyle Kelin
ASP.NET AJAX - Beyond UpdatePanels
Ken Byrd
Moving from Code Behind to Layered Architecture with OOP
Buddy Lindsey, Jr.
Jumpstart Your Web Site with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Robert Boedigheimer
Internet Explorer 8 and its Impact on Your Web Sites
Robert Boedigheimer
Track 10 - WinDev & TFS Asynchronous Programming Techniques in .NET
Ken Byrd
WinForms User Controls
Les Pinter
Giving your WinForms apps a facelift with WPF
Les Pinter
Becoming a .NET Jedi with Resharper
Ben Scheirman
Visual Studio Reporting
Bill Vaughn
Automation using Visual Studio Team System 2008 - Team Build
Ed Blankenship
Track 11 - Patterns & Frameworks Better Application Design with practical loose coupling
Caleb Jenkins
From 0 to Continuous Integration
Rob Reynolds
Intro to SubSonic: A Quick and Easy Data Access Layer and More
Michael Paladino
Design Patterns in .Net
Claudio Lassala
log4net: reevaluating an old friend.
Dru Sellers
Building a Blog with ASP.NET MVC
Ben Scheirman
Track 12 - SharePoint Nation! Implementing Partial Trust in SharePoint
Corey Roth
Full Speed Ahead: Developing High Performance Applications for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Eric Shupps
Building and deploying custom SharePoint Application pages (_layouts) with Visual Studio 2008
Michael Lotter
Tips for Improving SharePoint Performance
Dennis Bottjer
SharePoint Fault Tolerance and Recovery - Lessons Learned
Jim Hudson, Richard Oltmann
Creating custom commands for STSADM with C#
Michael Lotter
Track 13 - DOTNETNUKE Intro to DNN: Build a Website in an Hour
Patrick Renner
How to Build a DotNetNuke Module
Brian Dukes
The Right Way to Install/Upgrade Your DNN Site
John Eimer
Building a Membership Provider for DNN 4xx
Henry Kenuam
Skinning and DotNetNuke 4.9
Cuong Dang
What's New in DotNetNuke 5 (Cambrian)
Ian Robinson
Track 14 - Java Continuous Testing for the Java Platform
Derek Lane, Paul Holser
JSF 2-style Component Development in a JSF 1.2 World
Jason Lee
Hacking the Meaning in Human Communication
Bill Day
JSFTemplating: The Other ViewHandler
Jason Lee
Pardon The Interruption: What's the Deal with Groovy?
Derek Lane, Paul Holser
Rules with Drools: The Pragmatic Rules Engine
Brandon Burk
Track 15 - PHP RESTful MVC with Zend Framework
Luke Crouch
CodeIgniter and Zend Framework
Brad Vernon
Procedural to Object-Oriented: The Benefits of Using Object-Oriented PHP
Vance Lucas
Building a Data Mapper with PHP5 and the Standard PHP Library
Vance Lucas
Brad Vernon
Twitpic - How we did it
Noah Everett
Track 16 - Misc Coolness Virtualization 101: Hyper-V versus VMware ESX
Brent Ozar
InfoPath 2007 and Visual Studio 2008
Michael Lotter
Virtual Worlds and Virtual World Evangelism: From Here to Eternity
Zain Naboulsi
Creating a Voice User Interface in Microsoft Communication Server and .NET
Jason Townsend
Oracle Database 11g Overview
Michael Morehead
Getting Started in iPhone Development
Chris Patterson
Track 17 - eMarketing & Business SEO: Designing Web Sites for Search Engines
Mark Watson
Starting & Running a Software Development Business
Randy Walker
Learning from the Giants: How Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot create, consume and leverage data.
Boyd Evert
Hollerin’ – Marketing Your Message in a Cynical World
Dustin Staiger
Easy eCommerce
Carlos Moreno
Building Your Web Presence with Social Media
Connor Raus

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OakTree brings to its customers proven project management techniques and provides training curriculum that helps clients meet eligibility requirements for Microsoft certification. OakTree Software Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS), a designation meaning OakTree can offer training for the full suite of Microsoft’s market-leading technologies. The certification also reflects the expertise of OakTree’s talented staff, as well as the company’s market-driven focus on top-quality consulting training.

Tulas Community College

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INETA provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft® .NET user groups. Our mission is to offer assistance and resources to community groups that promote and educate their membership in Microsoft`s .NET technologies. INETA welcomes all facets of the .NET user community, from developers and architects to project managers and IT professionals. Members can be user groups or special interest groups that focus on a single aspect of .NET, such as C, target the entire .NET platform or concentrate on other development technologies but are also interested in .NET. INETA is the next evolution in user group communities a non-profit, independent organization, chartered with supporting all user groups interested in the Microsoft .NET platform. INETA is run by a board of user group leaders, elected by their peers, and supported by Microsoft Corporation and other sponsors.

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