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Bob Dudley, Manager of Applications Developer and Support, Explorer Pipeline Company

Bob Dudley, Manager of Applications Developer and Support, Explorer Pipeline Company

Bob is a 20 year IT veteran with a degree in Computer Science from Oral Roberts University. He has deep experience in a variety of IT disciplines, having at various times been Microsoft certified as a Systems Engineer, Solutions Developer, and Database Administrator. Bob currently holds the position of Manager of Applications Developer and Support at Explorer Pipeline Company in Tulsa, a product logistics and movement company that is wholly owned by several of the largest integrated oil companies in the world. Bob’s focus is on optimizing the integration of the various disciplines affecting the applications development lifecycle including project management, knowledge management, requirements engineering, application architecture, design, development, QA, implementation and support. Testifying to his versatility, Bob is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for Western Sun Federal Credit Union in Broken Arrow, OK.

Nov 6th - Enterprise Architecture

Knowledge and Requirements Management

 Authority files or thesauri: capturing the lexicon of terms used in an enterprise or business process, identifying which name is the preferred term when a thing is known by several names, determining how terms relate to each other (broader term, narrower term, synonym, near synonym). This is helpful for identifying and naming classes, determining object hierarchiers, determining generalized/specialized user roles, etc.
·         Ontologies: They essentially make it possible to identify a document (or object in our case) using a set of “coordinates”, essentially properties with predefined domain value, or by drilling down on any one of several facets to get to the same place. It is a much more object oriented mindset than most programmers and analysts that come from a database perspective with its hierarchical table relationships have.
·         Freeform Tagging of database records to capture meaningful associations from a user’s perspective. Use this knowledge to add additional facets for better search or navigation.

Nov 6th - 10:30 AM
Nov 6th

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