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Jeff Bramwell, Lead Developer, Farm Credit Services of America

Jeff Bramwell, Lead Developer, Farm Credit Services of America

Jeff Bramwell has over 18 years of software development experience and is currently employed as a Lead Developer by Farm Credit Services of America.  He has been working with .NET technologies since the early pre-release days (in mid 2000) and taught C# at a local university for three years.  Having focused on Team Foundation Server for the past few years, Jeff leads the Omaha Team System User Group and has presented on Team Foundation Server at the Omaha .NET User Group as well as the Heartland Developers Conference, Tulsa TechFest, and VSLive!. Jeff is a Microsoft Visual Studio Team System MVP and, as time permits, answers Visual Studio Team System questions in the MSDN forums and makes every attempt to post useful information (mostly regarding TFS) on his blog at http://devmatter.blogspot.com/.

Nov 6th - WinDev  TFS

Team Foundation Build 2008 – Automating the Build Process

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server provides some great features for automating the software build process.  But what happens when your specific needs aren’t addressed “out of the box”?  Luckily, Team Foundation Build is built for extensibility.  This session will walk you through the various extensibility points of Team Foundation Build providing tips and tricks along the way.  If you have the need to extend the features of Team Foundation Build 2008, this session is for you.

Nov 6th - 9:00 AM
Nov 6th

Nov 6th - WinDev  TFS

Using Team Foundation Build in the "Real" World

Out of the box, Team Foundation Build provides some generally useful features - e.g. compiling your Visual Studio projects and running unit tests and static code analysis. However, if you want to go beyond these basic features, you have to get out of the Build Type "edit" dialog and become one with the XML-based build script and all that it entails. This session will cover various build-related topics including:
Deploying a build to another environment
Utilizing custom build tasks to handle various tasks (e.g. running FitNesse tests, deploying MSI packages, etc.)
Deploying web-based projects
Debugging tips
3rd party and out-of-band utilities (e.g. TFS Power Tools, TFS Sidekicks, etc.)
How to use queries to determine the current state of a build (e.g. what work item types are deployed and ready for testing?)
Tips and tricks along the way.

Nov 6th - 2:30 PM
Nov 6th

Nov 6th - NET

VSTS 2010: What’s in it For Me?

Visual Studio Team System 2010 is coming – and a lot of new functionality is coming with it.  In this session, we will explore new features of VSTS 2010 including an improved installation and configuration experience, architecture explorer and validation, new diagrams, branch visualization, gated check-ins, new testing features, automated builds based on Windows Workflow, new work item features, and much, much more.  If you’re looking for an overview of forthcoming features, then this session is for you.

Nov 6th - 4:00 PM
Nov 6th

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