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Joe Fletcher, User Experience Lead, Microsoft

Joe Fletcher, User Experience Lead, Microsoft

Joe Fletcher is a User Experience Manager at Microsoft Surface and a recognized international speaker. He holds design to three core principles; Connection & Communication, Altering & Adapting behaviors, and Equivalent Exchange. His current passion is looking deeper into touch, gesture, and social computing. When not working on Microsoft Surface or traveling, he’s reading up on design and culture. He also enjoys finding parallels between the Design profession and the oddest of fields.

Nov 6th -

Closing Keynote: Surface, Windows 7, and untold stories of touch computing

Windows 7 will help introduce touch computing on a massive scale to millions of people over the next several years. The Microsoft Surface group was asked by Windows to assist in showing off what touch computing could do, and to present new ways to think about designing applications for those unique interactions. Come hear the story and process of how a few members of the Microsoft Surface team developed three simple and fun, but not easy, applications for the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. The story will also offer and discuss numerous pain points and road blocks encountered along the way, and the learning developed as a result to take advantage of these new technologies and experiences.

Nov 6th - 5:30 PM
Nov 6th

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