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Kevin Walsh, Principal Consultant, Microsoft

Kevin Walsh, Principal Consultant, Microsoft

Kevin Walsh has been a development consultant with Microsoft for fourteen years working with enterprise accounts in the Southwest and lately in the Midwest as a development consultant and IT Advisor (ITAP.) Prior to joining Microsoft, Kevin was a developer and development manager for Intergraph during the great UNIX Workstation wars (from which he bears many scars.) Overall, Kevin has nearly thirty years of application development experience in various commercial and enterprise environments. Kevin has lately experienced the growth of a deep and abiding love for WPF and Silverlight that dovetails nicely with his appreciation for interconnections and deriving abstractions. When not working with customers, Kevin enjoys his family and his passion for music and musicianship.

Nov 6th - Enterprise Architecture

Benefits Management: Business Alignment at the Pointy End of the Spear

As businesses push their IT operations to more closely align with business goals, IT managers struggle with how to translate business drivers into actionable programs they can execute and monitor in their own departments. In this session I’ll talk about how a management tool developed by the Cranfield University School of Management called Benefits Management has been used by Microsoft consultants to help customers identify what is important (and what’s not) and how to define projects with built-in business justification. It may not sound exciting, but managers I’ve worked with absolutely love the results.

Nov 6th - 2:30 PM
Nov 6th

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