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Mark Rackley, Senior Programmer Analyst, UNFI

Mark Rackley, Senior Programmer Analyst, UNFI

Mark has been developing software applications for over 15 years filling the roles of Project Manager, Business Analyst, Lead Developer, and Software Architect.  He has been involved in projects for such companies as Dell, Motorola, Intel and Agilent Technologies. He has worked in large corporate environments, small software start-ups, and as a consultant.  Mark currently works for UNFI (http://www.unfi.com) where he was introduced to the world of SharePoint and has taken on a lead SharePoint architect role within his organization making key development, administration, and architecture decisions.  Mark’s goal is to help every new architect and developer avoid the frustrations and brick walls he ran into while learning SharePoint.


Wrapping Your Head around the SharePoint Beast – What every beginning developer needs to know

What should every developer be aware of before diving head first into SharePoint?  Being a talented .NET developer does not directly translate to being a SharePoint Developer.  The learning curve can be huge and the environment taxing.  Mark Rackley designed this session as the session he wished he would have seen when he started SharePoint Development. 

Attendees will learn:

  1. A greater understanding of what SharePoint is and how it’s structured including a crash course in Logical Architecture, Taxonomy, Governance and why these topics are so important in SharePoint.
  2. What steps to take in order to become a SharePoint developer and a jumpstart on getting started down that path.
  3. Why the SharePoint community is unique and important.

PREREQUISITES: This is a level 100 session geared towards architects and developers.  Attendees to this session should know enough about SharePoint to have uttered the phrase “I hate SharePoint” at some point.

Nov 6th - 9:00 AM
Nov 6th

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