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Saif Khan, Freelance Designer / Consultant, Founder of OKGamers.com

Saif Khan, Freelance Designer / Consultant, Founder of OKGamers.com

Saif Khan, a Tulsa native, left his love for comic art and began graphic design work in 1998 but was dragged and somewhat enticed into the world of web design and a web start up in 2001.  Narrowly surviving the startup and free a year later, Saif became one of 3  founding members of Toydrum Inc, a Web solutions company in Tulsa focusing on small and medium businesses.  He spent the next 7 years working with local and national clients like Rib Crib, 105.3 Kjamz, Dwelling Spaces, Namco America, and many local companies.  After Toydrum closed its doors Saif spent the next few years as a freelance designer working with local companies like Gobob Pipe and Steel, Tulsa Stained Glass, and the occasional side project.

When Saif isn’t focused on web, graphic, consulting or identity work, he helps develop a Oklahoma networking site for Gamers called OKgamers.com.  Promoting OKgamers has also lead him to working with the 3 day anime convention Tokyo in Tulsa, as well as several other local conventions and events.  When not volunteering to improve Oklahoma’s gamer scene Saif enjoys hanging out with friends, and all the usual Tulsa stuff.

Nov 6th - Designers

Saving time in Photoshop

Learning CS4 Shortcuts, Macros and Automation

Nov 6th - 1:00 PM
Nov 6th

Nov 6th - Designers


A beginners guide to learning, and basic skinning

Nov 6th - 2:30 PM
Nov 6th

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