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Tommy Falgout, Sr. Application Developer, Yahoo!

Tommy Falgout, Sr. Application Developer, Yahoo!

Tommy Falgout is a Sr. Application Developer at Yahoo!  He started his journey at Y! with a background in PHP & MySQL.  Since then he has expanded his horizon by becoming a certified MySQL DBA, managing the Yahoo! Live Flash Video architecture, dabbling in Oracle, MSSQL, Java, Flash, Flex and the occasional Perl when noone's looking.  He welcomes challenges, questions and not afraid to admit he owns a scooter.  On the side, he is actively trying to get rid of 1000+ rubber duckies, left at his house from a prank, at duckiehunt.com.

Nov 6th - PHP

Strategic MySQL Planning for Complexity & Growth (i.e. MySQL Scaling for Dummies)

Sometimes a data driven website is a simple matter. Sometimes it only starts out that way. Membership records can grow from dozens to hundreds to thousands (or more). Performance or historic logs can grow astronomically. The ongoing need to coordinate different sets of data can lead to outrageously complex schema and duplicate data. How can you avoid those troubles? There are ways. Tommy Falgout will talk about designing your database for growth and performance before those challenges become bottlenecks on your website.

Nov 6th - 9:00 AM
Nov 6th

Nov 6th - PHP

Quickly Building Internet and Desktop Apps with Flex & PHP


Nov 6th - 1:00 PM
Nov 6th

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