Media Kit

 Featured Speakers

Ambrose Little, Software Designer. Developer. Architect., InfragisticsCaleb Jenkins, Agile Coach, Sabre HoldingsChris Koenig, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Jason Fox, Premier Field Engineer, MicrosoftMatt Hester, Technology Professional Evangelist, MicrosoftOlivier Bloch, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
David Walker, Senior Application Development Manager (ADM), MicrosoftBrian Sullivan, Senior Consultant, Improving EnterprisesChris Patterson, Senior Architect, Microsoft MVP, RelayHealth
Cory Smith,  Microsoft MVPDennis Bottjer, Solutions Architect, ThriveFast LLCJeff Bramwell, Enterprise Architect, Farm Credit Services of America
Michael Perry, Principal Consultant, Improving EnterprisesShawn Weisfeld, Microsoft MVP - C#, UserGroup.tvLuke Crouch, web developer, mozilla
Pete Hotchkin, User Experience Specialist, Red GateTim Vander Kooi, Microsoft Systems Administrator, Explorer PipelineYury Delendik, Contributor, Mozilla
Andrew Chandler, President, Tulsa Java DevelopersBrian Hall, PMP, EducationPMP, LLCBuddy Lindsey, Jr., Freelance Web Developer and Trainer, Buddy Lindsey LLC
Chris Conley, CEO, C Solutions, Inc.Chris Noel, Case Manager, Avansic E-Discovery and Digital ForensicsDanica Jones, Social Media Director, Quantus Creative
David Hecksel, Author of Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator 11g: A Hands-on Tutorial, Principal Data Integration Architect, Oracle CorpDori Howard, Inventory Planner, BoretsDoug Gorden, Information Security Analyst, ONEOK
Doug Halve, Senior IT Recruitment Manager, The Rowland GroupElizabeth Goolsbay, Sr. Development Analyst and Project Manager, ONEOK, Inc.Faiz Farazi, Microsoft SQL Server Support Engineer, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Gae Hill, Adjunct Professor, Tulsa Community CollegeGavin W. Manes, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Avansic E-Discovery and Digital ForensicsGirish Gangadharan, Author of Sass for Visual Studio, AutoSilencer, and Select Search, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group
Jason Clark, SEO Content Director, Quantus CreativeJason Riseling, Manager of Evidence Services, Avansic E-Discovery and Digital ForensicsJeff Benn, Systems Administrator III, Tulsa Community College
Jochen Talmon, Director of Paid Search Advertising, Quantus CreativeKari Mirabal, Executive Career Advisor, JuMar ServicesKris Reynolds, Project Management (PM) Leader, The Persimmon Group
Latish Sehgal, Sr. Consultant, Improving EnterprisesMatt Galloway, Chief Technologist & Founder, Architactile LLCMatt Presley, Design Engineer | Founder of MechnologyTech, Baker Hughes / MechnologyTech
Michelle Bohannon, Manager of IT Surveillance InfrastructureNancy Leslie Guard, Adjunct Instructor - IT, Brown Mackie College - TulsaNicole Gonzalez, Of Counsel, GableGotwals
Olivia Snellgrove, HR Intern, Avis Budget GroupPatrick Forringer, Front End Developer, ConsumerAffairsPaul Rossler, Attorney, Gable Gotwals Intellectual Property & Technology Law Group
Saif Khan, Freelance Designer / Consultant, Founder of OKGamers.comSam Dutro, Manager of Organizational Development and Performance, Avis Budget GroupSean Whitesell, Tech Lead, President - Tulsa .NET Developers Group, Dollar Thrify Automotive Group
Ted Ward, Faculty, Oklahoma State University Institute of TechnologyTim Costello, Business Intelligence Consultant, InterworksTom Medford, Clinic Administrator, Women?s Healthcare Specialists, University of Oklahoma



Thu, Oct 11th - 6pm - 8pm - Community TownHall

8:00 am - Check-In begins

8:45 am - Welcome/Announcements

9:00 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

10:30 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

11:30 pm - Lunch - Sponsored by TBA! - Become our Sponsor! Hurry - Still available!

12:00 pm - Mid-Day Keynote! First time ever! (See details below)

1:30 pm - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

3:00 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

4:30 pm - Closing Keynote(s) (See details below)

5:30 pm(ish) - Grand Prizes/Closing (As many as possible will be given throughout the day.)

After the event and Sat, Oct 13th - TulsaHackathon!


A UX Manifesto

Speaker(s): Ambrose Little

In the last decade, the world of software has changed significantly. Computing for most people (if they did it at all) used to mean sitting at a desk at work in front of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, using software that typically was, at best, functional, and at worst made you want to pick up your computer and throw it on the ground, stomping on it for good measure. The introduction of well-designed smart phones, tablets, and new gaming devices has shifted both the reality and the perception of what computing is?so much so that people more and more don't really think about the fact that they are "computing." With that has come the raising of what people expect from software - great user experience (UX) is increasingly the expectation, not a nice to have rare delight.

This talk starts from this basic assumption - people want good experiences when their lives intersect with our increasingly ubiquitous software, and software makers want to satisfy that desire. The problem is, the demand for professional UX skills far outstrips the supply, so while this talk won't magically make everyone a professional UX/interaction designer, the hope is to instill a set of core practical principles for anyone to use. It is a starting point to empower people, especially those without professional UX expertise on the team, to begin to satisfy the expectations of great UX in the software that they make.
Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 4:30 PM

10 Reasons Your Software Sucks (and what you can do about it!)

Speaker(s): Caleb Jenkins

Fresh off of the European tour of "So you think you can code" *, we bring you the hit sensation, 10 Practices Every Developer Needs to Start Right Now. Recently, off Broadway you are not only going to learn something new, you are going to have a fun time learning it! (Seriously, Caleb recently gave this talk at the Microsoft office in New York... right off Broadway) Yes friends, this is the talk that kicked off a controversy at the Dallas Tech Fest (, read the blog, see the slides.. then come see the acclaimed update for yourself!

Based on years of consulting, and working with some of the largest (and smallest) software companies in the world.. these are the 10 practices that if you started doing today, would drastically improve the quality and delivery of your software! Caleb will be around all day to discuss any of the areas from his talk in more detail. It's going to be great time!

Topics hit on: Object Oriented Principals, SOLID Coding, Security Concerns, Software Patterns, Automated Testing, Source Control - Branching and Merging Strategies, Continuous Integration, Agile | Scrum | XP | Lean, Team Dynamics, Continually Learning

* - Caleb was never in Europe, but it's still going to be a great session!
Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 12:00 PM

 Break-Out Sessions

Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 9:00 AM
Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 10:30 AM
Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 1:30 PM
Oct 12th
Oct 12th - 3:00 PM
Windows 8 - Goodbye to the Start Button...Long Live the Start Screen
Tim Vander Kooi
Getting Started with Windows 8 Development - Go Metro!
Jeff Bramwell
Taking your Windows 8 app to the next level
Jason Fox
Asyncing and Awaiting Windows 8
Michael Perry
From Start - New Project to Massively Scalable Deployment to the Cloud in 15 minutes on Windows Azure
Girish Gangadharan
Lap Around Windows Azure
Chris Koenig
Windows Azure Mobile Services
Chris Koenig
Deep Inside Windows Azure Services
Chris Koenig
Collaborative Windows Phone Apps with Correspondence
Michael Perry
Android and NFC (Near Field Communications) development
Andrew Chandler
Building cross-platform mobile applications using jQuery Mobile
Girish Gangadharan
Augmenting Reality on the Backs of Giants
Matt Galloway
Digital Forensics: Advanced Threats and Changing Technologies
Doug Gorden
SQL Injection, Tools - Detection & Prevention
Ted Ward
Digital Forensic demonstrations
Jason Riseling, Chris Noel, Gavin W. Manes
Web vulnerabilities & Session Hacks
David Crandell
State of HTML5
Luke Crouch
Evolving with web standards: the story of pdf.js
Yury Delendik
I'm a developer, not a designer! - You are so, and it isn't hard!
Patrick Forringer
HTML5 & JavaScript: the ultimate solution for mobile Cross-platform development?
Olivier Bloch
SharePoint 2013 | A First Glance
Dennis Bottjer
Coding Naked - TDD on the Edge
Caleb Jenkins
Applied KnockoutJS with ASP.NET MVC
Michael Johnson
What's New in ASP.NET MVC 4
Brian Sullivan
The Value of Content
Jason Clark
Visual Analysis with Tableau
Tim Costello
Paid Search Advertising. Bottom-line results.
Jochen Talmon
3D Printing - Technology Shaping the Physical
Matt Presley
Chris Patterson
New Features in Entity Framework 5
Brian Sullivan
Portable Library: Write Once, Utilize Everywhere - Its closer that you think.
Cory Smith
Async/Await: How two keywords changed my life!
Cory Smith
Intro Design Patterns / Strategy Pattern
Sean Whitesell
Using LinkedIn for Career Transition & Technical Networking
Kari Mirabal
Michael Perry
Social Media - The authentic social strategy for small business owners
Danica Jones
Window Functions in SQL Server 2012
Tim Costello
Microsoft SQL 2012 AlwaysOn HA and DR Design Patterns
Faiz Farazi
Pro Tips: Performance Tuning SSIS
Tim Costello
Introduction to BigData - Finding Waldo
David Hecksel
"Tips and Tricks" and free stuff from Photoshop!!
Gae Hill
More "Tips and Tricks" and free stuff from Photoshop!!
Gae Hill
Open Space: UX Edition
Ambrose Little
Wordpress 101 for Designers
Saif Khan
What and Why of the Technology Changing the World: Node.js
Buddy Lindsey, Jr.
Shawn Weisfeld
Visual Studio 2012 - What's In It for Me?
Jeff Bramwell
The .Net Ninja's Toolbelt
Latish Sehgal
How to Be a Software Consulting Entrepreneur
Chris Conley
Intellectual Property Issues in Tech Transactions
Nicole Gonzalez
Paul Rossler, Nicole Gonzalez
Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
Gavin W. Manes
Windows Server 2012 Storage
Matt Hester
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
Matt Hester
PowerShell Not Your Father's Command Line 10 things you need to know
Matt Hester
Windows Server 2012 - 5 Reasons You Will Want to Upgrade
Tim Vander Kooi
Key Charts and Documents for IT Project Management
Brian Hall
It's not (Trivia)l! Key Items No Project Manager Should Overlook
Kris Reynolds
"Can We Really Call Them Lessons Learned' if We Keep Making the Same Mistakes?"
Elizabeth Goolsbay
The Path to Project Management
Jeff Benn, Michelle Bohannon, Nancy Leslie Guard
Knowledge Management at Avis Budget Group
Sam Dutro, Olivia Snellgrove
Working with IT Recruiters and the State of the Job Market in Tulsa
Doug Halve
Knowledge Management: Building the House Begins with a Solid Foundation
Tom Medford
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations for Knowledge Sharing
Dori Howard
CallingCalling All Introverts - Building and maintaining a professional Network of professionals
Kari Mirabal
GTD: Geek style
Tim Costello

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