Tulsa TechFest 2013 - Fri, Oct 11th - Don't miss 8.0!

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8:00 am - Check-In begins

8:45 am - Welcome/Announcements

9:00 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

10:30 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

11:30 pm - Lunch - Sponsored by TBA! - Become our Sponsor! Hurry - Still available!

12:00 pm - Mid-Day Keynote! (See details below)

1:30 pm - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

3:00 am - Break-out Sessions (See details below)

4:30 pm - Closing Keynote(s) (See details below)

5:30 pm(ish) - Grand Prizes/Closing (As many as possible will be given throughout the day.)


12:00 pm - University Representatives: Suliman Hawamdeh, North Texas University; Crawford, Lipscomb University; Chuck Tryon, University of Oklahoma
Several universities that are affiliated with KIPA have invested in undergraduate and graduate level Knowledge Management programs. Many of these programs are designed for working adults with evening, weekend and on-line classes. During this session, we will hear from North Texas University, Lipscomb University and the University of Oklahoma.

12:00 pm - ISSA Student Poster Presentation Program: Each school will be allowed to display several poster presentations. Please contact Donald Pipkin at don.pipkin@tulsatech.edu for information.

A great opportunity for students to connect with cyber security and computer forensics professionals. We invite students to submit poster presentations on research and work in the field of cyber security and computer forensics. Please contact The poster presentation, which can be as simple as PowerPoint slides. Posters will be prominently displayed allowing all attendees to see the students' work.

4:30 pm - KIPA Annual Meeting

New this year: Thursday, October 10th at 6:30 pm - 8:30pm Geek Game Night!
Seating is limited, so register now! You plus one guest welcome, so bring your spouse!


Software Development is a Joke!

Speaker(s): Claudio Lassala

Several of my technical presentations introduce some kind of humor, but sometimes people end up learning the joke and not the concept. So I decided to do a humor presentation based on software development, introduce some technical stuff, and see what I get!

After so many years writing software, I can't help but laugh at so many (good and bad!) experiences myself and other developers have had. Not to mention things that just can't make sense to normal people: how can this ?[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}$ be called a "regular" expression? (If you know by heart what that expression means, you are probably the kind of people who?ll try to explain to me why zero-based arrays are kinda cool? please, just don't!).

F-bombs may be dropped, but let's be honest, you drop them yourself when it's 5pm on Friday and that code insists not to work, don't you?
Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 4:30 PM

What have I done?

Speaker(s): Brent Schooley

Do you have trouble staying focused on the task at hand? Have you ever made it to 11AM and realized the only thing you have accomplished is reading emails and checking up on Twitter? If so, you may just need to introduce some simple hacks into your lifestyle. I'll discuss some very easy to implement tips and tricks that can help jolt you from feeling unproductive and wandering through your day to a more focused and "in control" lifestyle.
Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 12:00 PM

 Break-Out Sessions

Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 9:00 AM
Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 10:30 AM
Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 1:30 PM
Oct 11th
Oct 11th - 3:00 PM
Getting Started with the ASP.NET Web API...
Rob Vettor
What's New in Visual Studio 2013
Zain Naboulsi
Real-Time Web Programming with SignalR
Brian Sullivan
Open Q&A on Life as an Agile Developer and Software Craftsman
Raymond Lewallen, David Walker
Customizing Dynamics CRM 2011
Josh Painter
Managing Projects in Dynamics CRM 2011
Josh Painter
Introduction to Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online
Josh Painter
New features coming in Dynamics CRM 2013
Josh Painter
Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using C# with Xamarin
Brent Schooley
Building Touch Enabled Sites With LightSwitch
Dan Beall
No ResKit For the Weary
Matt Galloway
Deployment, Legal and Security Issues with BYOD (bring your own device) and Mobile
Lance Watson
Panel - Joining the World of Cyber Security
Donald L. Pipkin, Geoff Wilson, George Patterson, Jim Morris, Mauricio Papa, Michael Oglesby
Panel - Recent Advances in Security Research
Michael Haney, John Hale, Jason Staggs, James Johnson
Panel - Cyber Crime Response and Reporting
Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D., Paul Tucker, Danny Cox, Patrick Kennedy
Panel - Cyber Threats and Defenses Demos
George Patterson, Dominic Schulte, Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D., Donald L. Pipkin, Michael Haney
Introduction to Node.js
Girish Gangadharan
Building Killer Single-page Apps with Durandal
Brian Sullivan
Building Single Page Applications with Ember.js
Brent Schooley
TypeScript: it is not your father's JavaScript
Shawn Weisfeld
Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners
Danica Jones
LinkedIn: Top 10 "Best Practices" To Improve Your Online Profile
Kari Mirabal
LinkedIn: Leveraging LinkedIn for Career Transition (Turn Your PASSION into Your CAREER)
Kari Mirabal
Killer Content: Spreading Great Ideas With An Intriguing Voice
Danica Jones
Java 8 SE on the Raspberry PI
Andrew Chandler
Grails: What is it? Why use it? Why It Could Make You Groovy.
Peter Tierney
Android - Consuming restful web services
Andrew Chandler
Grails and Spring - A Winning Combination
John Hollingsworth
SharePoint & jQuery Guide
Mark Rackley
How to make your life easier writing and debugging client side scripts in SharePoint
Mark Rackley
SharedPoint 2013 Lessons Learned
Dennis Bottjer
SharePoint 2013 Intro to Branding and Design Manager
April Dunnam
How Being Prepared Can Help Organizations See Clearly in the Fog of War
Michael Haney
Don't get pickpocketed in the Cloud
Dominic Schulte
Agile for a Support Team
Tina Mangham
IT Software Compliance Audits
Drew Palmer
Knowledge Management in the evolution of Medical Practice-based Learning and Improvement
Daniel P. Duffy, MD
Knowledge Management Orientation: Making collaboration and sharing the fabric of an organization's culture
Phil Barnett
Ten Unsolved Problems in Knowledge Management
Joseph Colannino
Building a Vision for Knowledge Management
Chuck Tryon
Strategy Pattern
Sean Whitesell
Don't Click Submit Twice!!!
Michael Perry
A Lap Around The IASA Certified Architect Program
John Mason
Architect's Roundtable
John Mason, Rob Vettor
Tools for your SQL Server toolbox
Chris Barba
Getting Started with Entity Framework
Rob Vettor
SQL Server Scripting
Randy Walker
Introduction to RavenDb
Brian Sullivan
Wordpress 101 - An intro to the Best CMS
Saif Khan
Wordpress 201 - Theme Pitfalls, Plugins to Download Today
Saif Khan
Color in Design
Trueson Daugherty
Designing for Windows 8.1
Brent Schooley
XAML Patterns
Michael Perry
Sean Whitesell
Adventures of a .NET developer in Rails land
Claudio Lassala
Modeling Settlers of Catan with Degrees of Freedom
Michael Perry
Recycling End of Life Assets & What you should know
Traci Phillips
Lightning Talks!
Luke Crouch
Communicating through the RFP Process - Tailoring to Exec Mgmt v. Consultants
Melanie Nelson
On-site Search Best Practices for the Business User
Mark Brandon
Start Up Tulsa! An overview of resource available to Tulsa area entrepreneurs.
Matt Galloway, Luke Crouch
Being a 21st Century Billy Goat Gruff: How to Deal with a Patent Troll.
Paul Rossler
Tools for the Lean Startup
Dustin Curzon, Jacob Johnson
Living the Good Life
Randy Walker
10 Hot Topics Every IT Admin Needs to Know about Windows Server 2012
Matt Hester
What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2
Tim Vander Kooi
Cloud Computing Essentials or What's in it for the IT PRO?
Matt Hester
Backup and Using Windows Azure
Matt Hester
Building and Maintaining High Performance Teams - Traits, Tactics and Strategies
Raymond Lewallen
Agile in Project Management
Tina Mangham
A Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Framework for Project Managers
Mel Bost
Tips for Recovering from a Failing Project
Brian Hall

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The ISSA Oklahoma Chapter is committed to developing and connecting cyber security leaders in the Tulsa area. Our mission is to enhance the knowledge and skills of our members in the fields of cyber security and data protection, and to encourage a free exchange of information security techniques, approaches , and problem solving.

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