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7:30 amCheck-In begins/Visit Sponsors!
8:30 amWelcome/Announcements
8:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
10:15 amSponsor Break - Visit Sponsors!
10:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
12:00 pmLunch/Visit Sponsors! - Sponsored by Become our Sponsor! Hurry - Still available!
1:00 pmBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
2:15 amSponsor Break - Visit Sponsors!
2:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
4:30 pmClosing Keynote (See details below)
5:45 pm(ish)Prizes!/Closing (As many as possible will be given throughout the day.)


Development Matters ...nuggets for your next steps

Speaker(s): Caleb Jenkins

What you do matters. You make a difference. You are changing the world. This talk will hit on key areas like UX Design, writing Clean Code, Code Security, Engineering Practices, Company Culture, Continual Learning and the most critical key: Professionalism. We'll have a great time and you'll walk away with a broader appreciation of the landscape that you are in and the future that you are building.
Aug 5th
Aug 5th - 4:30 PM

 Break-Out Sessions

Aug 5th
Aug 5th - 8:45 AM
Aug 5th
Aug 5th - 10:45 AM
Aug 5th
Aug 5th - 1:00 PM
Aug 5th
Aug 5th - 2:45 PM
Hello Azure Functions
Shawn Weisfeld
Tutorial on Building Scalable Web Applications in the Cloud
Jonathan Bartlett
Trust me Azure event hubs are really cool!
Harold Pulcher
Cloudy with a chance of Security
Alan White
An introduction to the serverless world and its practical uses with AWS Lambda.
Christophe Limpalair
An introduction to using Docker with an AWS EC2 image.
Terry Cox
AWS's Developer tools CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline
Thomas Haslett
Gaming the System - getting the most out of certifications to grow your career.
Christophe Limpalair, Terry Cox, Thomas Haslett
Cross Platform with ASP.NET Core
Myke Bates
Diving Into the Core
Matthew Reily
Building Single Page Apps with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core
Brian Sullivan
Write Code For The Future You
Paul Gower
Agile Practitioners Panel
Jason Knight, Floyd May, Rebecca Cecchini
Scaling Scrum in the Enterprise
Caleb Jenkins
Beyond Removing Impediments: Scrum Master as Team Coach
Allison Pollard
Top 5 Warning Signs Agile Is Not Working For You
NK Shrivastava
The Future of Marketing and Social Media
Priscilla McKinney
Save Time Automate your Social Media
Akram Taghavi-Burris
Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
Christine Collins
More Clients by Referral
Todd Davis
Alternatives to Flexera's Admin Studio
Howard Magill
WHEN, WHERE, WHY - Infrastructure monitoring that you can visualize
Jon Cavanaugh
The Anatomy of a Cloud Solution: Compute, Network, Storage, Identity and Automation
Yung Chou
Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos: A Tale of Three Schedulers
Josh Mize
Getting Started with Team Foundation Server 2015 Build
Paul Hacker
Using REST with VSTS & TFS
Jeff Bramwell
Building Extensions in VSTS & TFS
Jeff Bramwell
Release Management with Team Services
Paul Hacker
Panel Discussion: Career Opportunities in Cyber Security
Danny Cox
Information Security Risk Management
Danny Cox, Jeff Ray
Security Awareness 2.0 (The Human Element)
Pedro Serrano
What I've Learned From Identifying 35,000 Phishing Websites. Giving Users a Second Chance.
Edward Eckenstein
Advanced Microsoft Windows Forensics
Joel Sallee
Analytics and E-Discovery
Jessica Hollis
Collections: Electronic Devices, the Cloud, Social Media
George Patterson
Litigation Holds - What All IT Departments Need to Know
Lance Watson
Scala 101
Darren Gibson
Unicode Processing in Java
Garret Wilson
Internationalizing Java applications
Garret Wilson
Single Page Application Development with Scala/Scala.js
Darren Gibson
Scary JavaScript that Tracks You Online
Luke Crouch
Jinaga: The Universal Web Back-End
Michael Perry
Developing UI with ReactJS and ReactJS.NET
Scott McCarty
JavaScript Apps are Overrated.
Sabrina Gelbart
Java Home Automation
Andrew Chandler
MQTT, IOT and the Raspberry PI. Hacking the 21st Century
Jim Hudson
Arduino - an introduction to microcontrollers and why they matter
Jonathan Bartlett
Basic Electronics and Programming for Arduino
Jonathan Bartlett
Don't make your customers be your tester, use Xamarin Test Cloud instead
Ryan Overton
Unit Testing in .NET
Brittany Berwanger
Coding Standards - Why? How? Get Started!
Mark Reynolds
All Requests are Asynchronous
Michael Perry
Full Stack Development with Node.js and NoSQL
Matthew Groves
SQL Scripting
Randy Walker
Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cloud BI
Randy Walker
SQL for JSON: Querying with Performance for NoSQL Databases and Applications
Matthew Groves
C# 6: New Language Features
Joseph Reynolds
Functional Programming
Tommy Falgout
Converting Crap Code to a Better Design
Sean Whitesell
A Look at the Plug-In Architecture
Sean Whitesell
How to (or How to Not) get Funding for your Early-Stage Tech Venture
Stacey Brandhorst
How to Start
Dustin Curzon
Prototype, Collaborate, Innovate
Caleb Jenkins
Starting & Running a Software Development Business
Randy Walker
Implementing Project Management
Chuck Tryon
Project Management's Missing Link
Chuck Tryon
Crucial Steps to Ensuring Project Success
Jim Maxson
Post Project Retrospective
William Anderson
Technical Hiring Trends in the Tulsa Market
Doug Halve
Code Review: How and When
Paul Gower
How to be a Slack-er and #GSD
Sarah Daigle
The 40 Year Old Developer
Tommy Falgout
Office 365 - Amazing Productivity Tips
Dennis Bottjer
Low Cost Information Governance
Scott Mitchell
Search Driven Solutions
April Dunnam
SharePoint versus Sitecore versus X
David Walker
Hadoop Data Ingestion
Kevin Whitson
How to get started in Data Science from Scratch
Frank Evans
Spark Basic
Mark Smith
Hadoop Map Reduce
Kevin Whitson
Pokemon Go in Tulsa - What, Where & How to Cash In
Saif Khan, Heather Ball
Game Development -- My Journey
Christopher Rogers
Indie Game Development: Process, Challenges, and Expectations
Jon Sousa
10 Years of Gaming Events in Oklahoma; A How-to by OKgamers.com
Saif Khan, Heather Ball, Rashard Hutchins
Performance without Bounds, Programming Phoenix
Joshua Hamilton
Using IIS ARR and URL Rewrite to fix your legacy web architecture
James Huckaby

Making your first hit Youtube video with a green screen and free software!
Noah Jenkins
Develop an iOS app from Design to code implementation
Carlos Angon
Xamarin Deep Dive - Using MvvmCross and Xamarin to build cross-platform mobile apps
Blake Davidson
Xamarin Without the Forms
Michael Perry
Android database operations (CRUD) with SQLite
Andrew Chandler