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Floyd May, Grand Poobah of Technical Practice, Momentum3

Floyd May, Grand Poobah of Technical Practice, Momentum3

Floyd is currently the Grand Poobah of Technical Practice at Momentum3. He is, through and through, a programmer at heart. He began programming at age 9 drawing pictures with the Logo programming language, and has been in love with programming ever since. His development background includes both native and web UIs, high-performance server logic, intricate multithreaded network I/O, and big data processing. Floyd has created software for many industries: precision agriculture, GIS, finance, commodities trading, oil & gas, digital imaging, document intelligence, and more. The software he has built has expanded his employers' market penetration, earned millions in sales, revolutionized user experience, and crushed competitors. A passionate teacher, Floyd frequently presents at Tulsa area user groups and conferences, and is among Tulsa's strongest advocates for the craft of software development.
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Agile Practitioners Panel

Speakers: Jason Knight, Floyd May, Rebecca Cecchini

A panel of experienced practitioners from around Tulsa share their diverse experience in a facilitated discussion including Q&A and other information sharing formats. This session would be open and inviting to others of all levels of experience in applying the values and principles of agility in their workplace. Many have hard questions and very little opportunity to work through their tough issues alongside others outside their company. Additionally, this group would provide ongoing support through personal coaching and local user groups as a way of continuing the learning and growing begun in this session.
Aug 5th - 8:45 AM
Aug 5th