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Kevin Whitson, Hadoop Developer, Phillips 66

Kevin Whitson, Hadoop Developer, Phillips 66

Kevin Whitson is passionate about all things related to Information Technology. As a Software Architect, he enjoys crafting solutions using a variety of programming languages including Java, C#, VB, PowerShell, Python, JavaScript and many others. As a Data Engineer and DBA for multiple enterprise data management systems, Kevin has razor sharp data management and processing skills. He routinely builds solutions for integrating structured and unstructured data with Hadoop, SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Postgres, and MongoDB. Finally, Kevin is a solid server administrator and DevOps Engineer on Windows and Linux. He can often be found building a variety of physical and virtual systems including Database Servers, Web Servers, Domain Controllers, Switches, Routers, NASs, Clusters, and much more. Check out his blog at IdleDeveloper.com or his bio at KevinWhitson.com.
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Hadoop Data Ingestion

Let's roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty with Hadoop. We will do a real world data load and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. First, we will stage and load a CSV file and walk through some typical data ingestion issues. Then we will use SQOOP to load the same data from a relational database. Next, we will query the data using Hive. Finally, we will view the data using various tools such as Hive, File Browser, and the terminal. Join me for great data ingestion and exploration exercise.
Aug 5th - 8:45 AM
Aug 5th

Hadoop Map Reduce

In this session, we will walk through some Map reduce exercises. We'll spend a couple of minutes visually walking through a map reduce workflow. Then we'll dive head first into a map reduce example first using Java, then Python, and finally Awk. Don't worry, I?m not going to bore anyone with YAWCE (yet another word count example). My examples will not only be simple enough for everyone to understand, but they will also be a real world problems you are likely to encounter in the wild. Let's get some Map Reduce experience so we can update our skill sets on LinkedIn.
Aug 5th - 2:45 PM
Aug 5th

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