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NK Shrivastava, CEO/Lead Instructor/Agile Coach, RefineM

NK Shrivastava, CEO/Lead Instructor/Agile Coach, RefineM

NK Shrivastava, MBA, PMP, RMP, ACP, CSP, SPC4, is CEO of RefineM LLC and an experienced Project Management Consultant, Trainer, and Agile Coach. He is a highly accomplished, strategic, and business-savvy consultant with more than 25 years of experience in project management, risk management and process improvements. NK is an experienced instructor/trainer on project management topics and specializes in PMP exam preparation, project management fundamentals, risk management, earned value management and Agile. Review NK's profile on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/nkshrivastava.
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Top 5 Warning Signs Agile Is Not Working For You

Is your team or organization struggling with adopting agile successfully? Many organizations struggle with adopting agile because the necessary mindset shifts have not taken place. In addition, new agile teams may struggle to internalize agile principles and deliver their sprint goals.

Simply adopting agile does not guarantee success. Organizations and teams can struggle with agile for many reasons, including lack of customer engagement, bureaucratic processes that constrict teams' ability to self-manage, and lack of visibility of agile in the organization.

In this presentation, five key warning signs that an agile implementation is not working will be discussed. These warning signs can affect teams as well as organizations. Examples of warning signs affecting teams are that teams do not show any signs of value delivery for at least three months, teams resist changes from the customer, and teams show signs of "waterfalling" their sprints. Warning signs at the organizational level include a lack of visibility for agile across the organization and a lack of customer involvement in development. Attendees will learn symptoms of each warning sign and ways to overcome them. They will leave with the knowledge and skills to get past these challenges and succeed with agile.
Aug 5th - 2:45 PM
Aug 5th

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