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Paul Gower, Principal Consultant / Founder, Lunamark

Paul Gower, Principal Consultant / Founder, Lunamark

Paul started his career as a software developer in 2001 developing client/server enterprise solutions. An innovative problem solver, Paul uses in-depth analysis, deep consultation and the latest software development practices to serve his clients. In 2014 Paul started his company Lunamark, where he leverages his years of experience to help companies improve their software development team's efficiency using techniques such as clean coding practices, code reviews and pair programming.
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Code Review: How and When

You want to improve your software skills. That?s a given. You may be a mentor or a manager who needs to improve the knowledge sharing among your software developers across different projects. Code Reviews can do just that while improving code quality in your projects. Code Review not only builds developer team spirit but also offers new ways to improve a software solution. You?ll walk away from this session with in-depth understanding of Code Review to strengthen your team.
Aug 5th - 10:45 AM
Aug 5th

Write Code For The Future You

How many jobs will you have before you retire? A typical worker in the United States switches jobs every 4-5 years; in the tech industry stays are even shorter. Due to this software developers are guaranteed both to work on someone else's code and someone will work on our code. To survive, it is critical you continue to add value by improving the quality of the code you write and/or maintain in your job as a software developer. In this session, we will define what it means to improve the quality of the code and give you practical steps towards improving it every day.
Aug 5th - 2:45 PM
Aug 5th

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