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Pedro Serrano, Security Architect , Cimarex Energy

Pedro Serrano, Security Architect , Cimarex Energy

Pedro Serrano has over 35 years of experience managing and installing technical controls in networks around the world, 20 of those in military systems. He is the Security Architect for Cimarex Energy Company, an Oil and Gas exploration company and Professor at Phoenix University and ITT Technical Institute teaching infrastructure systems, security controls, and networking. Pedro has two postgraduates degrees one in Telecommunications Management from Oklahoma State University and the other in Computer Science from Tulsa University. Pedro serves as the Active Vice-president of the ISSA chapter in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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Security Awareness 2.0 (The Human Element)

The Description: A quick look at the most important security issues that every company should be educating their users today:
1.Passwords a.We all have them so we may as well learn some techniques to make our live easier and safer.
2.Giving out personal information a.Do I have to give you my personal information?
3.Online Banking a.Consolidate your statements, actually who gets statements anymore?
4.Protecting your ID
a.Quick view ... from credit cards to credit report
5.Securing your home network
a.Why do we want to educate our employees on their home network ...(hint, because they connect to work from home or bring their USB stick to work)
6.Spam, Viruses and More
a.We all get it ... we may as well learn how to prevent them
7.Opening email attachments
a.Do you know that TXT file is the only safe one to open
8.Protecting children online
a.Easy controls to limit and monitor your child activity

My goals for attendees learning are:
1. Easy to remember actions that they can implement in their environment today, use my presentation as a template to create your own Security Awareness.
2. Why educate your users about their home / private cyber lives?
3. Why has Security Awareness become the number one action that pays the most dividends in your network? The main theme of my talk could be summarized like this: The Human element.... I can add all the technical controls that I can get my hands on but if my employees (internal users) behave in a matter that is not safe (like clicking on a link that its malicious) ... the technical controls will not be able to stop an attack.
Aug 5th - 1:00 PM
Aug 5th

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