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Saif Khan, Founder of OKgamers.com, GoBob Pipe & Steel

Saif Khan, Founder of OKgamers.com, GoBob Pipe & Steel

Saif, born in Broken Arrow, started his interest in gaming early. For as early as he can remember he cycled through every type of game there was; arcade gaming at the local Circle K, CCG, RPG's, tabletop gaming and chess with the neighborhood kids, and console gaming with a used Atari, eventually getting one of those fancy "Nintendo"s from Japan.

His professional career kicked off in 1998 as a graphic designer but was quickly dragged into the world of web design and start-ups. While he spent his time toiling away building his company, Toydrum, Inc in 2001 he was introduced to "Soul Calibur" - a one on one 3D arcade fighting game. He would become one of the best Soul Calibur players in Oklahoma, just in time to be completely lost when his series changed from arcade to console; he lost all of the community he had grown to enjoy. Convinced he should help gamers find a similar experience and events they were missing right down the road, he founded OKgamers.com in 2006 with a council of gamers spanning multiple genres of gaming. After Toydrum closed it?s doors in 2008, Saif freelanced for several years, giving him the freedom to develop OKgamers into the resource Oklahoma needed. He pursued non-profit status so that local high school and college age gamers could volunteer and improve their gaming communities for official credit. He worked with businesses across the state, and sponsors across the country. OKgamers would go on to host over 150 tournaments in Oklahoma, Saif consulting with numerous events behind the scenes and personally organizing over 100 promotional events which helped bring over $100,000 in sponsorship to Oklahoma gamers. Tokyo in Tulsa, one of OKgamers largest and longest endeavors, had Saif organizing their video gaming from day one. Saif joined TnT as a director in 2009 and together with TnT grew their gaming presence into Oklahoma's largest gaming event for years, now holding the title of Oklahoma's largest 3 day gaming event! Eventually, Saif settled down with GoBob Pipe And Steel, one of Toydrum?s first clients for a full-time job. GoBob keeps him busy with a variety of social media, web, print, and video projects. When he's not spending quality time with friends and girlfriend, he'll be found playing League of Legends (Hit Gold!) and the occasional game of Super Smash Bros 64.

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