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Technical Hiring Trends in the Tulsa Market

Speaker(s): Doug Halve

In this session, I will discuss trends in technical hiring for the Tulsa Metro Market. Tulsa tends to be off pace with national tech trends, which can make choosing a technical skillset/toolset difficult. I will share my personal perspective on the types of skill sets and job functions I see in demand.
Aug 5th - 8:45 AM
Aug 5th

Code Review: How and When

Speaker(s): Paul Gower

You want to improve your software skills. That?s a given. You may be a mentor or a manager who needs to improve the knowledge sharing among your software developers across different projects. Code Reviews can do just that while improving code quality in your projects. Code Review not only builds developer team spirit but also offers new ways to improve a software solution. You?ll walk away from this session with in-depth understanding of Code Review to strengthen your team.
Aug 5th - 10:45 AM
Aug 5th

How to be a Slack-er and #GSD

Speaker(s): Sarah Daigle

Slack is a communication tool that gained traction in the tech / startup world with virtual teams needing to respond quickly to one / many people for one or many projects. There are private and public channels that allow members to get connected using an email address.

Currantly (typo-intended), Sarah is leading several teams with it at Currant Tech as well as member on other community teams such as "Women Who Startup" and "Developers of NWA". Companies as large at 60 are using it in hopes of replacing a ton of email and internal chat tools.

Buffer recently blogged about how to use Slack to build communities: https://blog.bufferapp.com/slack-community

I'd love to share my love of Slack with you, and see if you think it could help you with your teams and clients too!

Our session will be a workshop where you will:

a) Join a public team
b) Create a channel for a small group / project team
c) Tune notifications
d) Use App & integrations such as Bitbucket, Envoyer, Trello
e) Experience Screehero screen-sharing plugin

Aug 5th - 1:00 PM
Aug 5th

The 40 Year Old Developer

Speaker(s): Tommy Falgout

With an explosion of new frameworks, languages, and methodologies, software development is an ever-changing landscape. Sometimes, it's hard to keep up and filter out the noise from the signal. As developers get older, we want to both: Explore these new technologies and tell the new kids to get off our virtual lawn. In this session, I'll share my own experiences (struggles and victories) in being a developer at 40 and why I'm not about to give up yet.
Aug 5th - 2:45 PM
Aug 5th