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School of Dev 2017

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7:30 amCheck-In begins/Visit Sponsors!
8:30 amWelcome/Announcements
8:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
10:15 amSponsor Break - Visit Sponsors!
10:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
12:00 pmLunch/Visit Sponsors! - Sponsored by Microsoft!
1:00 pmBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
2:15 amSponsor Break - Visit Sponsors!
2:45 amBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
4:30 pmBreak-out Sessions (See details below)
5:45 pm(ish)Prizes!/Closing (As many as possible will be given throughout the day.)

 Break-Out Sessions

Jul 21st
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Cross Platform .NET
Myke Bates
Writing More Maintainable Code with ASPNET Core
Chris Oswald
Moved to Developers track, Room 150

Intro to C# Delegates
Sean Whitesell
Hard-Core Integration Intoxication
David Walker
A Tale of Two Clouds: Building An App Across AWS and Azure
Casey Watson
Tips for Building Lightweight Docker Images
Kelly Andrews
Azure 101
Randy Walker
Advanced Web Application Monitoring? Easy on Azure with Application Insights.
Kamil Szostak
Migrating your Application to Azure
Troy Mann
AWS Overview
Minoo Duraipandy
Running Windows Workloads on AWS
Drew Dennis
AWS Security in Plain English
Minoo Duraipandy
Overview of Big Data Workloads on AWS
Drew Dennis
Drew Dennis
Performance Testing with VSTS On- and Off-premises
Jeff Bramwell
Game of Services - Anemia is Coming
Steven Fletcher
ASP.NET Core + React Equals Awesome
Lee Brandt
Fluent API Design in C#
Floyd May
CLOUD SOLID: Building Highly Maintainable Applications in a Cloud-Enabled World
Casey Watson
How To Sell Kanban To Your Boss
Paul Gower
The Evolution of the Agile Scrum Master
Robert English
Getting Personal with Kanban
Derek Lane
Experience Time Travel: Stop Estimating Everything
Derek Lane
Trust, Just Culture and Blameless Post Mortems
Aaron Blythe
Digital Marketing for the Small Business
Jim Greenway
Naked Networking ... For Introverts
Kari Mirabal
Social Networking to Social Engineering
Jonathan Kimmitt
Full Throttle Branding: Race care speed with Hybrid Stamina
Chris Tuckness

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
Devin Thomas
Mergers and Acquisitions - No Before You Grow!
Howard Magill
Printing: You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure
John McLaughlin
Make IT happen with PowerShell
Greg Tate
Modern Software Management on Windows w/Chocolatey
Rob Reynolds
Any Platform, Any Build; Getting Started with Team Foundation Server Build
Paul Hacker
Container and Virtual Machine: Friends or Foes
Yung Chou
Release Management with Team Services
Paul Hacker
Voice Controlled ChatOps for the Remote Worker
Aaron Blythe

ISSA Chapter Panel: Opportunities in Cyber Security
Pedro Serrano, Wes DeVault, Jonathan Kimmitt, Edward Eckenstein
My lessons Learned in Security Awareness
Pedro Serrano
What is Information Security Risk & How Do I Manage It?
Danny Cox
Martial Arts and the art of Cyber Defense
Jonathan Kimmitt
Your first and last line of defense
Pedro Serrano
Trickle-down Forensics
Donald L. Pipkin
Tracking Your Digital Footprints
Donald L. Pipkin
Anti-Forensics for the Paranoid
Donald L. Pipkin


The Latest on Modern C++
Billy Baker
Live coding Tic-Tac-Toe in Elm
Dennis Palmer
Hello Elixir!
Sameeri Marryboyina

Micro-Services: What we learned from 2016
Chase Aucoin
OWASP Top 10 - Demo Attacks!
James Tyler
Angular 2 for Angular Developers
Lee Brandt
Let it Snow in Virtual Reality Web : Bringing 3D & VR into HTML with JavaScript
Ron Dagdag

Intro to OAuth2
Sean Whitesell
Provisioning a wifi network for top performance
Neil Mavis
Hardware store doesn't have the part you need? 3D print it! I will show you how.
Harold Pulcher
The Internet of Your Things with MQTT and Node-Red
Johnathan Hottell
Execute Order 66 - Augmented Reality for .NET Developers
Ron Dagdag
Get into IoT with Windows 10 IoT core and a raspberry pi
Harold Pulcher
Cognitive services, next step in creating our robot overlords
Harold Pulcher
Using K-Means to Find Cluster of Awesomness
Steve Green
Azure Machine Learning and Power BI - AI in the Cloud
Jim Hudson
A Primer on Neural Networks
Chase Aucoin
Deep Learning For Machine Vision
Sujith Surendran
SQL, the Database, and You
John Mosesman
Intro to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Shawn Weisfeld
IaaS vs PaaS - Navigating the Decision Tree: Azure SQL DB vs SQL on a VM
Shawn Weisfeld
Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cloud BI
Randy Walker
RedGate Rollouts: Controlled Database Deployments in PCI Environments
Will Spurgeon
Styled Components: The Future of Styling Web Apps
Joshua Hamilton
Room 243: Work Ready Oklahoma
Cresha Redus
Unicorns and Dinosaurs - Working Better Together
Jeremy Jones
Expressing your value in 28 seconds: How to stand out with your resume and interview like a pro
Jason Richards
Authentic Leadership- The key to leading an entry level workforce and driving performance in today's Call Center Industry
Joe Torneo
Fundamentals of Excel 2016
Marshall Choate
Fundamentals of Word 2016
Marshall Choate
Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2016
Marshall Choate
Fundamentals of OneNote 2016
Marshall Choate
Fundamentals of Outlook 2016
Marshall Choate
Addressing White House Administration's Buy American Agenda with Domestic Outsourcing
Derek Perry
The Six Letters That Bring Me Great Fear
Thomas Brewer
Intellectual Property Matters
Paul Rossler
Brandon Watson, Tom Vincent
So You Want to Form a Nonprofit: Essentials, Issues, and Realities
John F. Martin
Leadership Today and Personal Development
Frank Boudreau
Leading Technical Employees to Success
Randy Walker
Craft the work culture you want
Jesse Miller
Crisis Response (Peer Support Training)
Thomas Brewer
Unleash Your Creativity as a Leader
Tony Clyde
A Non-programmer's Guide to Software Projects
Floyd May
How long can you tread water? Come discover the project management best practices that Noah used to stay afloat while building of the Ark.
Bruce Jordan
The Secret Sauce of Risk Management
Jim Maxson
Leveraging the Theory of Constraints on Projects
Mark Tallman
Defeating the Documentation Demon
Jim Eiden
Get Out of the Box! Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life!
Jeremy Smith
Overcoming Your Fear of Failure
Olivia Liddell
Technologists, Double Your Salary: Soft Skills Increase Your Value and Your IT Department's Worth
Kurt Haas
How to Reignite Your Professional Passion, When Work is Sucking the Joy out of Your Life...
Edward Eckenstein
Dealing with Stress as a Developer
Daniel Worthy
Introduction to Dynamics 365 CRM
Troy Mann
Public Facing SharePoint Online... Now What?
Dennis Bottjer
Understanding the SharePoint Framework and how it affects your Customizations
Mark Rackley
An Intro to PowerApps and Flow in Office 365
April Dunnam
Transforming your organization into a Digital Workplace
Mark Rackley, Stephanie Donahue
Microservices and the Data it loves to use
James Bedenbaugh
Data Sovereignty - Where is your data living and where does it want to go?
James Bedenbaugh
Making Sense of Sensor Data
Chris King
Processing 3 Billion Log Entries Per Week
Landy Bible
Big Data in Azure
Shawn Weisfeld

Introduction to Xamarin
Sean Sparkman
The Varying Ways to Develop Mobile Apps in 2017
Patrick Kurz
Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
Sean Sparkman
Build Your Mobile App with Notifications
Sean Sparkman