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School of Dev 2017

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April Dunnam, SharePoint Developer, ThriveFast, LLC

April Dunnam, SharePoint Developer, ThriveFast, LLC

April started her career as an IT Intern as Cherokee Casino. She was on rotation in the casino?s many IT departments when she was assigned to the Development Team. It was there she found her niche and a passion for development and began to focus her efforts on, c# and SharePoint. She went on to complete dual degrees in MIS and Marketing from NSU and won a job at a telecom firm where she quickly worked her way up to SharePoint Developer.?Several years, promotions, and awards later, I was invited to join the ThriveFast team as their senior consultant and gladly accepted.?When April isn?t working on client solutions, she can be found reading up on the latest technologies blogs and routinely participating in local user groups and professional conferences including Tech Fest & SharePoint Saturdays. Oh and you might catch her singing karaoke on the weekends too.
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An Intro to PowerApps and Flow in Office 365

Have you heard the news of the impending doom of InfoPath and SharePoint Designer and curious what replacements Microsoft is offering? This session will cover high level overviews of PowerApps, Microsoft?s newest technology for building no-code forms and Flow, Microsoft?s new workflow tool.PowerApps is Microsoft?s newest technology for building no-code forms. Flow is Microsoft?s new workflow tool. This session teaches you how to create forms and navigate the PowerApps design interface. In this session, we will create and deploy an app using PowerApps in SharePoint. This session also covers a high level overview of Flow including how to get around the interface, what actions are available and it?s limitations.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st