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School of Dev 2017

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Chris Oswald, VP Engineering, ATLAS Technology Group, Inc.

Chris Oswald, VP Engineering, ATLAS Technology Group, Inc.

As the Vice President of Engineering at ATLAS Technology Group, Chris Oswald oversees Application Development, Business Intelligence, and Infrastructure needs for one of NWA?s leading retail data analytics providers. In this role Chris is responsible for ensuring the strategic vision of ATLAS Technology Group is executed through the software solutions they provide. Chris joined the team in 2012 as the Director of Enterprise Architecture and later assumed the role of Vice President in 2014. His determination to develop scalable and maintainable code has greatly supported ATLAS as they have seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years. Prior to working in the Retail Community, Chris spent 9 years in the Transportation Industry. These roles gave Chris a greater appreciation for the need to keep pace with the ever-changing field of technology and to continually look for new and better solutions.
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Writing More Maintainable Code with ASPNET Core

In this session we'll get into the weeds on how to use ASPNET Core's new features to write more maintainable code. The new features will not only make your lives easier but your products more scalable. If you're currently using open-source technology come see what Microsoft's new framework is all about. It can run on Linux, Unix, OSX, and Windows.
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st