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Daniel Worthy, Enterprise Architect, Rockfish Digital

Daniel Worthy, Enterprise Architect, Rockfish Digital

Daniel is an NWA native and has spent the last 9 years as a developer for Rockfish Digital. He is currently in the role of Enterprise Architect and spends most of his time vetting new technologies and training other developers. Daniel has also recently taken on the role of instructor for the U of A Global Campus' IT Readiness program. Daniel has spent most of his development career in the web stack and has spent most of the last 2 years working with Angular and .Net MVC WebAPI. He is always keeping an open eye to see what the next big thing will be.
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Dealing with Stress as a Developer

The day to day stress of being a developer can really wear your down. What can you do throughout the day to help alleviate this stress? In this talk, I will cover simple stuff that you can do before work, during work and after work that can help you keep a level head and produce higher quality work. Slides:
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st

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