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Dennis Bottjer, Solutions Architect, ThriveFast LLC

Dennis Bottjer, Solutions Architect, ThriveFast LLC

Dennis started his career, years ago, as a help desk professional for an architecture firm and experienced, first hand, the struggle of small business & technology. Through that experience and his education in MIS at OU, he gained a keen skill as a developer & a passion for designing business applications. Over the course of 10 years, Dennis moved on to work for several corporations and Fortune 500?s like Bank of America, leading teams to develop SharePoint & custom software solutions on a much larger scale.
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Public Facing SharePoint Online... Now What?

Is your website powered by SharePoint? More specifically SharePoint Online. Microsoft is sun-setting public websites on SPO. We?ll discuss timelines and alternative cms options.We start our discussion with a little SharePoint and Office 365 History. We review why SharePoint has been used as a CMS for public websites. The strengths and weakness associated with using SharePoint as the CMS for a modern public website will be highlighted. But, the bulk of our talk will focus on SharePoint Online and how Microsoft is discontinuing support for public websites. For those affected, what is the timeline and what alternatives exist?
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

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