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Derek Lane, Software Craftsman | Hands on Enteprise Technical Agile Coach | BBQ Life Coach, USAA

Derek Lane, Software Craftsman | Hands on Enteprise Technical Agile Coach | BBQ Life Coach, USAA

After years of fumbling around with fire and smoke, Derek Lane has in recent years found his calling as a BBQ Life Coach and a practitioner of all things BBQ. In a completely unrelated but parallel universe, Derek has been known to successfully ply both the art and science of BBQ to the Agile Mindset, Software Craftsmanship and introducing Organizational Culture Change in ways scientists are just now beginning to contemplate the full impact of. Coincidence? We think not! Striving to find efficient, productive and fun ways to build successful software and highly functioning teams has taken Derek on a journey as a mentor, coach, consultant, strategist, visionary, architect, developer, trainer and methodologist, all while striving to harness the best technologies available for the job at hand. He is also a contributor to various books, projects and conferences as an author, presenter, committer, technical reviewer and organizer. Feel free to share your experiences with Derek about BBQ, software craftsmanship, BBQ, Agile, Virtual Reality, BBQ, your favorite technology or BBQ. Oh, or perhaps even BBQ!
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Getting Personal with Kanban

If someone made an infomercial of the problems in your life, would it go something like this? ... Fade to black and white ... Is your life a mess?Do you constantly forget things your family members told you earlier in the day?Are you struggling to keep up with the remodeling project?Skip your mind again to pickup Susie from soccer practice?How are you going to keep track of all the gifts for the baby showers that seem to just keep popping up?Was it 2 or 4 months ago you changed the A/C filter in the attic? Is your life just short of chaos? Don't know what to tackle first??? ... Queue back to color picture and upbeat background music ... This session will focus on how you can get your life back under control using a modified version of Kanban, called Personal Kanban. Kanban is often translated "sign post", which in today's world might be better translated "billboard". Kanban is a visual management system that improves the flow of value and outcomes, creates motivation and enhances satisfaction. Kanban literally grew out of the trenches of the assembly lines of Japan's manufacturing companies. But Toyota's Kanban is industrial strength and you probably don't need that for your personal challenges. However, it's good to know Kanban can handle it if you do actually have industrial strength problems to sort out in your life! In this introduction to Personal Kanban, you will explore the principles of Kanban and learn techniques for using it in your personal life. THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE SESSION. YOU WILL NEED TO FULLY ENGAGE TO BENEFIT. This session will leverage Agile Games, Game Theory and Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology to maximize your ability to absorb information. You will leave with a new set of tools you can customize for your life.
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st

Experience Time Travel: Stop Estimating Everything

Remember back when you were first introduced to Agile? You found it so liberating to collect things to do in a list of work that you could break down into items of any size, group them and regroup them as much as you needed, and change the priority of the things in the list as often as the start of the next iteration (unless your Agile Journey started with a continuous flow system such as Kanban). The first thing everyone on the team had to get comfortable with was estimating. How hard could it be? You're told you can estimate in hours, funky monkey points or gummy bears, and you can do it playing games like poker, rock-paper-scissors and freaking t-shirt sizes! The business side of software development never used to be this fun... But then the world of corporate metrics reared it's ugly head. You started getting burned by the burn down/burn up charts. The velocity of the team started being used as a way to compare teams and shame lower velocity teams into performing even worse. Someone decided, "we should measure everything", and the measurements started being the thing everyone cared about. Delivering value to customers got lost in the sea of numbers. The provocative title of this session is intended to see if you're willing to open your mind to trying another approach to the estimating mantra most often associated with Agile. Or are you so happy with the time sink estimating has become for you team that you can't imagine doing it any other way? Unfortunately, estimates are often seen as a promise, especially when viewed by management in many companies in units of hours, days, weeks or months. Time is the enemy when making estimates; the probability that time based estimated will be misused or abused is just too great for our puny human minds to avoid; don't let the fact that estimates are almost always wrong get in the way. The original purpose of estimates was for teams to compare the relative size of work items, so the customer/product owner could include this in their assessment of which value they would like sooner rather than later. After the work items were delivered, the estimates provided a feedback mechanism for the team to evaluate their understanding and learn how to better deliver future value. Unfortunately entire enterprise software systems have been built to create, manage and report on estimates, across teams, departments and organizations. What started out as a feedback loop for teams to improve their ability to deliver value has turned into a cottage industry to abuse teams and pervert their work, all while obscuring the real purpose - frequent and consistent delivery of value. Fortunately, an alternative approach has emerged. The #NoEstimates movement, as it is often called, seeks to empower teams to return to a world before estimates ruled their corporate universe, and allow them to again focus on the delivery of value. This approach also often veers toward continuous flow, at least with respect to how teams work. Whether the value they deliver is actually released to customers is for someone outside the team to determine. But the empowerment and freedom teams experience when living in a #NoEstimates world, allows them to focus on quality, delivery and value and not on gaming the system for one of an infinite number of poor reasons, none of which have to do with delivering value to customers. In this introduction of the #NoEstimates approach to building software, you will explore the concepts of #NoEstimates and learn techniques for using it in how teams work. This is an interactive session. You will need to fully engage to benefit. This session will leverage Agile Games, Game Theory and Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology to maximize your ability to absorb information. You will leave with new concepts to consider when evaluating if #NoEstimates may be for you, and if it is, you will have new ideas about how you can begin your journey toward the simplicity of #NoEstimates.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st

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