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Donald L. Pipkin, CISSP, CISM, CISA, Teacher, Tulsa Technology Center

Donald L. Pipkin, CISSP, CISM, CISA, Teacher, Tulsa Technology Center

Donald L. Pipkin, CISSP, CISM, CISA, is a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Instructor at Tulsa Tech?s Riverside Campus. Before becoming an instructor, he worked for over twenty years in the information security industry. Don is also the author of several books including "Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security" and "Information Security: Protecting the Global Enterprise". He is recognized as an international expert on cyber security and his books have been translated into several foreign languages.
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Trickle-down Forensics

In today's interconnected world, devices and applications sync and share data with other devices and apps. This leads to information which starts on one system being spread across a number of other systems with differing security levels and abilities to extract the data. This presentation investigates the forensic and privacy implications of this automated data sharing.
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st

Tracking Your Digital Footprints

A key element of digital investigations is the ability to track an individuals' activities and to attribute events to a specific individual. Many events which one might expect to be anonymous leave traces which can be tracked back through a path of associations and statistical analysis. This presentation investigates how an individual's digital tracks are connected and correlated to create a complete picture of the individual?s activities.
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

Anti-Forensics for the Paranoid

It is possible to be a digital citizen without giving up all of your privacy. However, it takes diligence and dedication to minimize your digital footprint. This presentation explores some of the steps you can take to tread softly in the digital realm and keep big-brother at bay.
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st

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