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Edward Eckenstein, Principal Consultant, Smartly Secured, LLC

Edward Eckenstein, Principal Consultant, Smartly Secured, LLC

Ed Eckenstein is the founder and principal consultant of Smartly Secured, LLC. Ed is a trainer and coach with experience in cybersecurity. He holds Security+ and SSCP certifications and has an M.A. degree in Information and Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado Denver. Ed serves as a board member of the Oklahoma InfraGard Chapter. He is an adjunct instructor at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City where he teaches personal computer security awareness. Ed is a public speaker and gives talks on behalf of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and AARP's Fraud Watch Program.
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ISSA Chapter Panel: Opportunities in Cyber Security

Speakers: Pedro Serrano, Wes DeVault, Jonathan Kimmitt, Edward Eckenstein

Panel Discussion from ISSA Chapter Board Members
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st

How to Reignite Your Professional Passion, When Work is Sucking the Joy out of Your Life...

Somewhere deep down you're passionate about what you do. That passion used to be central to not just your career path but to your LIFE. Your work was important to you. Your work defined you. And your work was something you were excited to dig into every single day.

Until you weren't.

At some point along the way, the stress, anxiety, and constant hurdles of your day-to-day made it a lot harder to love what you do. Instead of pouring your passion into your latest project, your time and talent is being sucked into an endless black hole -- a black hole defined by...

* Constant late night and weekend troubleshooting sessions, that are never on the calendar
* Organizational politics that define who gets what and who does what day in and day out
* A constant lack of recognition for your work -- the work you're producing at all costs, even though you're hanging on by a thread

You could look for another job, but who's to say these challenges won't be waiting for you there? Besides, that's going to take more time -- time you don't have.

While you're working through your options, the stress of your workday keeps closing in on you -- it's the insomnia, the weight gain, the depression, the high blood pressure...

Overcoming the Challenges, No Matter How Big
Sound familiar? You're not alone. This has, increasingly, become the reality for many tech insiders, innovators and entrepreneurs -- but it doesn't have to be this way.

* What if you could learn to be happier in your job right now -- happy like you USED TO BE.
* What if you could handle challenges with less stress -- and be more resilient to stress when it does happen?
* What if you could learn a better way to react to the ups and downs of this industry, so you could work anywhere, anytime and handle whatever is thrown your way.

In April 1995, Ed Eckenstein faced a challenge unlike any he -- or the nation -- had ever faced. Ed's office was directly across from the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and, on April 19, 1995, it was the site of one of the country's worst terror attacks in history. The Oklahoma City bombing took the lives of two of Ed's co-workers, and destroyed any semblance of peace and normalcy in his office. Ed was traumatized, completely stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. His view of the world was destroyed, and he was apprehensive about restarting his career -- and his life.

Over time, though, Ed learned to put one foot in front of the other and become a more resilient person. And through his experiences, he began to bounce back and rebuild.

Since that day more than two decades ago, Ed has been on a journey to become more resilient and incorporate that resiliency into his life and his work. Soon, it became a passion, anchored in his desire to help others achieve meaningful resiliency and reignite their career ambitions, just like Ed had.

In his presentation, Ed shares his story and how he managed to not just survive, but thrive in the wake of this devastating tragedy. His story of personal growth and professional achievement speaks to the power of resiliency. It's a lesson for any tech, pro or innovator in the space, and is marked by critical take-aways that will help you overcome challenges and power your passion at work and beyond.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st

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