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Floyd May, Director of Technology, Asemio

Floyd May, Director of Technology, Asemio

Floyd is currently Director of Technology at Asemio. He is, through and through, a programmer at heart. He began programming at age 9 drawing pictures with the Logo programming language, and has been in love with programming ever since. His development background includes both native and web UIs, high-performance server logic, intricate multithreaded network I/O, and big data processing. Floyd has created software for many industries: precision agriculture, GIS, finance, commodities trading, oil & gas, digital imaging, document intelligence, and more. The software he has built has expanded his employers' market penetration, earned millions in sales, revolutionized user experience, and crushed competitors. A passionate teacher, Floyd frequently presents at Tulsa area user groups and conferences, and is among Tulsa's strongest advocates for the craft of software development.
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A Non-programmer's Guide to Software Projects

If you're responsible for managing programmers or overseeing software development consultants, there is some key information that you need to know about how software gets built. Learn how to eliminate quality problems, keep timelines predictable, and ensure that you're building the right thing.

For many managers, directors, and executives, it can be a challenge to oversee a software project to completion. Many projects are plagued with quality problems, unpredictability, and poor return on investment. If this resonates with you, let me help you understand how to lead a software project. You'll learn
  • How to hire the right software development team
  • The right (and wrong) ways to measure success
  • How to eliminate quality problems before they begin
  • The things that boost (or destroy) productivity
  • The most common mistakes in thinking and execution that sink software projects
Arm yourself with the information and tools you need to consistently lead software projects to success!
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st

Fluent API Design in C#

There is a profound expressive power in using a fluent API over typical object-oriented code. Well-designed fluent APIs allow you to weave clauses and phrases together with ease, enabling you to express complex concepts in a concise, readable way. We're all accustomed to using fluent APIs in C#, but if you've ever tried to design one yourself, it's quite challenging.

This session will give you a primer into how to conceive, design, and build your own fluent APIs. We'll identify design patterns that are common in fluent APIs. I'll arm you with some design tools and strategies to make sure that your own designs are easy to use and hard to break. I'll also help you understand how to leverage the .Net type system and C#'s type inference rules to simplify the syntax that your APIs users have to write.

Come and learn how to blend language arts and technical design together to craft your own powerful abstractions in Fluent API Design in C#.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st