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Harold Pulcher, Senior Consultant, Improving

Harold Pulcher, Senior Consultant, Improving

Harold Pulcher is a developer, network engineer, magician, woodworker, and part time grease monkey. He has over 25 years of experience working in the Information Technology space. During that time he has done everything from running wire, building infrastructure for numerous companies from the ground up, and building line of business software for many of those companies. As passionate as he is about technology, you might happen to see him checking his air reserve at 60 feet, whooping up a mean "free-range" fruit cake, doing pre-show table magic at the Improv, or making a nice piece of wood into a lot of sawdust so his wife will have potting benches for her plants.
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Cognitive services, next step in creating our robot overlords

Although it seems like a sci-fi show, cognitive services allows the mere mortal access to the power of speech, image, and text recognition. Let me show you how easy this stuff is both use and incorporate into your desktop, web, or IoT application.When I was a 10 years old watching sci-fi tv shows, I thought how hard could it be to make a ?Robbie the robot?, . As I got older, I realized how hard this stuff really is. Thanks to a lot of hard work by lots of smart people, the creation of not only Robbie, but our robot overlords is easier than ever. You don?t believe me? Well, come to my talk where we will go over how easy it is to utilize Cognitive services. We will show you what you need to get started. How to incorporate speech, image, and facial recognition into your current application. As well as, how you can go about training this power to your specific needs.
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st

Hardware store doesn't have the part you need? 3D print it! I will show you how.

As overwhelming as 3D printing seems, with a little knowledge, an eye for detail, and some patients, 3D printing is a ton of fun and possibly how most things will be made in the future. There currently is no 3D Printer Geek squad, so understanding the process is your best tool.I know you have seen 3D printers online, in a store display, or maybe a friend just can?t stop talking about them. Are they just a fad, or worth investing your time to understand this technology. Should you build your own, or buy? How do these things really work? Do I really need to know what a hotend is, and why would I ever want to extrude something? These are valid questions, and I have the answers. I will have live demonstrations of two different types of printers, and go over everything you need to know to get going in this fast paced addictive technology.
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

Get into IoT with Windows 10 IoT core and a raspberry pi

This is an introduction to Windows 10 IoT core. I will show how to set up the OS on a raspberry pi. Include live demonstrations of code running on hardware utilizing both input and output devices. We will go over how debugging on raspberry pi works, and how easy it is to get started in this field.According to some estimates, there will be 50 Billion connected devices by 2020. The release of Windows 10 core IoT has enabled the creation of the next generation of intelligent devices. In this talk you?ll learn about how the Windows 10 family will help build the next generation devices based on hardware like the Raspberry Pi, as well as how to extend these devices with new capabilities. We will walk through setting up the development environment including the desktop, the raspberry pi. We will demonstrate how to extend the platform to include support for popular Internet of Things (IoT) hardware interfaces. This is the beginning step for you to build rich devices from fun DIY home projects through enterprise level control systems.
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st

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