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Jim Eiden, Consulting PM, InTimeTV

Jim Eiden, Consulting PM, InTimeTV

Jim Eiden has extensive IT and Business experience in Financial, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Healthcare industries. Clients include Amoco, Bank of America, Northern Trust, JPMorgan Chase, Chicago Tribune, McDonald's, and Rolls-Royce. Roles include Salvage Sales, Technical Writing, Project Management, Testing, and Business Analysis. Certifications include: MBA, Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Scrum Master, MBA, and 3 Tombstones. Jim loves classic rock (been playing drums for 30yrs). A drum & bugle corps alumn who also loves fishing, muscle cars, misheard song lyrics, Star Wars, 80's movies, mob flicks, obscure facts, and driving with the windows open.
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Defeating the Documentation Demon

Best Practices on how to successfully implement and manage Systems Documentation (Runbook) to meet the needs of Agile, DevOps, FinTech and other trends.

Too often Documentation is viewed as an afterthought and doesn't get done. It is the one tasks Developers resist doing. Your best programmer just quit and your most important app supporting your largest Client just failed. Your backup Programmer does not know how to fix. You miss your SLA, and lose $16 million in revenue.

This strategy avoids these risks and simplifies the documentation process making it easier for runbooks to be maintained.

This strategy ensure documentation will be current and assures you organization will always be in compliance.
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st

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