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Joe Torneo, Lead Training Manager, AT&T University

Joe Torneo, Lead Training Manager, AT&T University

Joe Torneo is a Lead Training Manager, Master Trainer, Mentor and Motivator. With over 18 years in the Call Center Industry, Joe has been involved in every aspect of Call Center Operations, Training and Performance Management, launching and developing Call Centers around the globe. Joe is regarded as a global innovator in the design and delivery of Leadership and Coaching programs across a wide variety of industries. Known for his unique delivery styles and methodologies, Joe specializes in "Edutainment" as both a skill and an art form. He speaks from the "heart to get to the mind." Joe is currently engaged in a global launch of a new leadership and employee development model for one of the world's largest telecoms. Joe is a lifelong learner and has a Master's from the School of Hard Knocks, Life Lessons and Independent Thought. For additional information see his LinkedIn Profile Joe Torneo or email:
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Authentic Leadership- The key to leading an entry level workforce and driving performance in today's Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry is undergoing silent but radical change, as several unique challenges such as a more diverse workplace demographic, the need for organizations to be able to respond quickly to ever shifting customer expectations and preferences all put the cost of providing support to both employees and customers in constant and intense focus. Achieving efficiency through increased performance in these support processes is my specialty. In this heartfelt but frank conversation we will discuss the unique leadership challenges facing the industry today. We will layout three simple concepts for Call Center Leaders to rethink, refocus and recharge their existing management programs and models to meaningfully reconnect to their front-line entry level workforce to drive performance and business outcomes. It all begins with Authentic Leadership. We will discuss, how beginning with this principle first, you can begin to unlock better business outcomes through improved performance. Driving efficiency in the operations and performance and making a difference for organizations and others is what I get excited about. Feel free to plan to share your thoughts and ideas with us all, as we discuss the topic.
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st