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School of Dev 2017

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John F. Martin, PhD, Founder & Principal Consultant, Forster Consulting LLC

John F. Martin, PhD, Founder & Principal Consultant, Forster Consulting LLC

John F. Martin is a speaker and motivational leader within the contexts of corporate, nonprofit, higher education, and healthcare environments. In each setting, he has connected effectively with stakeholders, constituents, employees, and students. He is an articulate advocate for nonprofit organization best practices and ethics, charitable gift planning, academic quality, and student philanthropy in the form of service learning & civic engagement. His recent research explored attitudes of care and empathy in emerging healthcare professionals. John works with clients to facilitate professional and organizational effectiveness in areas of fundraising, charitable gift planning & planned giving initiatives, empathy & care delivery in healthcare, and board governance & strategic planning.
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So You Want to Form a Nonprofit: Essentials, Issues, and Realities

This session emerges from a knowledge of how dependent all nonprofits have become on technology and its crucial role in the smooth operation of any high functioning charitable organization. It includes a quick primer of the most essential points to understand for anyone who may seek tech employment in the nonprofit sector as well as for the lion-hearted who may aspire to begin a nonprofit organization. The session will explore legal and ethical issues for nonprofits and fundraising, and will take a deeper dive into the ongoing realities of supporting the programs, policies, and people to remain viable. Plenty of time will be reserved for open Q&A.
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st

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