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Johnathan Hottell, SCADA Supervisor, Ambasador, EXCO Resources, Inc.

Johnathan Hottell, SCADA Supervisor, Ambasador, EXCO Resources, Inc.

Johnathan builds Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) by day, dives into electronics, IoT, making, microcontrollers, and robots at night. Johnathan is also a Ambasador helping educate and excite people about IoT hardware hacking in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
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The Internet of Your Things with MQTT and Node-Red

Industrial automation, home automation, and IoT industries are fragmented. Desperate and proprietary communication protocols, APIs, and ecosystems abound. MQTT coupled with Node-Red can be the basis for quick, cool, and expandable IoT systems in no time with little coding experience required.I have always wanted to have a powerful, affordable, and accessible alternative to the massive and expensive applications used to build Industrial Control Systems. It has been a long time coming but there are now emerging exciting technologies and applications that are easy to understand and easy to get into for home automation and IoT purposes. MQTT is a relatively new open communication standard for IoT. It has proven to be powerful and easy to use, for instance Facebook Messenger uses it to deliver real time communications to nearly a billion users without sapping phone battery or data plans. Node-Red is a powerful and open engine for doing almost anything. Node-Red can be your home automation hub, translator, bridge, logic engine, and User Interface.
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st