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School of Dev 2017

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Joshua Hamilton, Full Stack Developer , Made By Munsters

Joshua Hamilton, Full Stack Developer , Made By Munsters

Josh is a passionate developer. His knack for problem solving is only succeeded by his love for learning. He spends his off hours soaking up new open source projects. He currently lives in Tulsa with his wife, Jessica.
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Styled Components: The Future of Styling Web Apps

Have you ever had issues with naming your CSS Classes? Ran into problems with one style overwriting another style? Your developers having problems understanding your CSS and which classes to put where? How about we take a step back and look at a easier and simpler way of handling our styles within web applications. In particular using Styled Components to abstract the need for a Developer to have to focus on styling at all. Instead they can just put together the page using specific components that are pre-styled for them. Styled Components offer an easy to use API that anyone can get started with and provides a lightweight solution to programmatically adding and removing styles based on the state of your application. In this talk we will cover the core concepts of getting started with Styled Components and provide Pro's and Con's to why you should switch over to using them if you currently are building applications in React.
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st

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