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Kari Mirabal, Founder, Kari Mirabal

Kari Mirabal, Founder, Kari Mirabal

Kari Mirabal, The Connection Coach, leads you to People, Opportunity, and Profit. She is a former IT recruiting company owner who challenges audiences to leverage the power of connection to build (and maintain) powerful professional networks. Kari shares networking and business strategies and helps audiences shift intention into action with simple, easy to apply steps in her NAKED NETWORKING speaker series. She shares networking knowledge gathered from over 15+ years of business experience yet also explains how she was once held captive by her own networking fear. Kari enjoys teaching others how to "network smart" and provides insights for how to "expose yourself" to new opportunities and push past fear to connect with confidence. Kari is on a mission to create a movement of people all inspired by the power of connection. For more information, visit or
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Naked Networking ... For Introverts

Networking is a life skill with unlimited possibilities but are you maximizing your potential or missing opportunities to engage effectively with others? Welcome to Naked Networking, a bare all approach and strategy to networking smarter with a twist that caters to introverts. Today's competitive marketplace demands innovation, agility and a powerful circle of influence to help you reach your objectives. When you build (and maintain) effective professional connections, you gain the freedom to experience new breakthroughs which can lead you to people, opportunity and profit. Learn how the naked networking approach provides tools to equip you to achieve your business and leadership goals. AUDIENCE BENEFITS:* Learn a powerful 3-step networking strategy* Discover ways to maximize both traditional and social media networking channels* Explore ways to improve your LinkedIn profile to attract target connections
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

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