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School of Dev 2017

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Kurt Haas, Enterprise Architecture, QuikTrip

Kurt Haas, Enterprise Architecture, QuikTrip

With 20 years in technology, Kurt Haas continues to be driven by his initial passion: connecting and sharing with people. Kurt is currently Cloud Architect at QuikTrip in Tulsa, active in the Ozark STEM Foundation, and has learned a ton from his previous roles as a public school teacher, application developer, product manager, cloud architect, enterprise architect, board member, and non-profit co-founder. A father, husband, and incredibly popular blues band member, Kurt spends his spare time on the couch.
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Technologists, Double Your Salary: Soft Skills Increase Your Value and Your IT Department's Worth

At a recent conference, a Gartner analyst challenged the C-Level audience: "if you have a technologist that can also speak business, double their salary!" The room erupted with discussion. Why is a leading research firm so confident in the value of this combination of skillsets? In this overview, I share observed examples and challenges from the real world, then explore effective tools and techniques that help technologists bring about their real value and demonstrate the competitive advantage they bring to their companies.
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st