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School of Dev 2017

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Mark Rackley, Chief Strategy Officer, Microsoft Office 365 MVP, PAIT Group

Mark Rackley, Chief Strategy Officer, Microsoft Office 365 MVP, PAIT Group

Mark is Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at PAIT Group and an Office 365 MVP with more than 20 years of experience designing and developing software solutions. Mark's daily responsibilities include forging the direction of solution architecture and development projects for clients while providing the best solutions for clients' unique problems. As a globally recognized SharePoint geek, Mark is an active blogger, presenter, author (and bacon aficionado) who is eager to lend his real-world knowledge of SharePoint to all who need it. In addition to speaking at various SharePoint conferences, Mark is the organizer of SharePointalooza in Branson, Missouri and can be found speaking at as many Saturday events as his professional and family life will allow. Mark engages his audiences with humor, real-world stories from the trenches, and practical solutions.
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Understanding the SharePoint Framework and how it affects your Customizations

Whether with SharePoint 2016 On-Premises or Online with Office 365, the landscape has changed. We?ve seen a whole new SharePoint Team Site arrive that uses new SharePoint Framework client web parts, but what do you do about your existing customizations?? How do you take advantage of all the new cool features of new Team Sites and new mobile application without throwing away all of your previous work? In this session, we'll go over some of the new possibilities available through the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), as well as take a look at our existing custom solutions to see if they will carry forward easily. ? What is the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and how does it work? ? Can you migrate existing customizations? ? What new skills do developers need, and how should your organization prepare?
Jul 21st - 1:00 PM
Jul 21st

Transforming your organization into a Digital Workplace

Speakers: Mark Rackley, Stephanie Donahue

Transforming into a digital workplace can seem like a daunting task, with outdated legacy apps to support, skeptical stakeholders who can't envision the benefits, and workforce that must be retrained. Where do you even start? Learn how a global manufacturing company is undergoing a digital transformation using Office 365. From simple steps like moving email to the cloud, to more complex collaboration needs with joint venture partners, you?ll learn about the challenges, quick wins, and long term success of an organization committed to change. You will leave encouraged that no matter where your organization is starting from, that a digital transformation through Office 365 is possible!
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st