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Neil Mavis, Wifi Engineer, Business Wi-Fi Solutions, LLC

Neil Mavis, Wifi Engineer, Business Wi-Fi Solutions, LLC

Neil Mavis founded Business Wi-Fi Solutions ( to solve problems for enterprises that rely on high quality Wi-Fi, and not just free Wi-Fi. Many enterprises, such as the hospitality industry, rely on Wi-Fi to support their customers; however, the increasing bandwidth demanded by Wi-Fi devices, along with the huge increase in the number of Wi-Fi devices deployed, is taxing many current business Wi-Fi systems. His telecom engineering experience includes Nortel Networks and Ciena Communications as a fiber optics telecom field engineer, product manager, account manager, and sales engineer. His fiber optics experience includes SONET DWDM OC-192 10 GB/s transmission systems. Neil has a CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator), CCNA certification, FCC GROL license, a BSEET from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA, a MBA from the Stetson School of Business from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA, and is a licensed General Class Amateur radio operator (N4EZM).
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Provisioning a wifi network for top performance

Tips on how to provision Wifi access points so that the wireless networks performs at top speed and network capacity.
Jul 21st - 8:45 AM
Jul 21st