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School of Dev 2017

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Stephanie Donahue, Partner and Consultant, PAIT Group

Stephanie Donahue, Partner and Consultant, PAIT Group

Stephanie is a partner and consultant at PAITgroup, with a focus on helping organizations leverage their investment in SharePoint to create and maximize ROI. As a MCITP she has been setting a strategic path from discovery to successful implementations using an innovative approach and consistent methodology. Stephanie is an active blogger and event speaker with over 7 years of experience in SharePoint projects from basic deployments to information architecture, content management, and business process automation. You can follow Stephanie at @stephkdonahue on Twitter or read her blog at
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Transforming your organization into a Digital Workplace

Speakers: Mark Rackley, Stephanie Donahue

Transforming into a digital workplace can seem like a daunting task, with outdated legacy apps to support, skeptical stakeholders who can't envision the benefits, and workforce that must be retrained. Where do you even start? Learn how a global manufacturing company is undergoing a digital transformation using Office 365. From simple steps like moving email to the cloud, to more complex collaboration needs with joint venture partners, you?ll learn about the challenges, quick wins, and long term success of an organization committed to change. You will leave encouraged that no matter where your organization is starting from, that a digital transformation through Office 365 is possible!
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st

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