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Thomas Brewer, President & CEO, TB Group LLC

Thomas Brewer, President & CEO, TB Group LLC

Thomas Brewer is a speaker, published author, corporate trainer, and Law Enforcement Chaplain. For over 20 years Thomas has served in a several different positions ranging of from the local church ministry, being the founder and leader of ProActive Faith Ministries, Inc., serving Law Enforcement community in the areas of chaplaincy and peer support, and speaking to countless numbers of groups across Oklahoma and other states. His passion in life is to help individuals, companies, and organizations move from being ordinary to extraordinary. From his humble childhood in Oklahoma, he was taught what it meant to work hard to achieve greatness. His family owned a cattle ranch about an hour out of Oklahoma City. It was those days working on the family ranch that he learned that hard work could pay off in life. While in high school and college Thomas, traveled many weekends working at different sport card and memorabilia shows. It was during those times that Thomas learned how to communicate with different groups of people with the goal of ?completing? a sale. He became very successful and in those early days of business helped develop who he is today. Thomas has continued to be a student in life. He always desires to learn more each day. He wakes up with the mind set that he will be more informed at the end of the day than when he was when he woke up. One of the things that Thomas prides himself in is that he is a problem solver. He enjoys a challenge and finding a way to meet the challenges placed before him. Thomas and his wife Jenny live in Midwest City, Oklahoma with their two daughters Alexa and Addy.
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The Six Letters That Bring Me Great Fear

This session focuses on the subject of REGRET. I do not in my personal or professional life want to get to point in my career or at the end of my life looking back with regret. In this training we discuss goal setting, accountability and self examination so that you will not one day look back with regret. We also will look at how we can learn from the ?regrets? that we have already experienced in life but not allow them to define the rest of our life.
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

Crisis Response (Peer Support Training)

This session looks at how coworkers can help and assist other coworkers during a time of crisis. The four crisis areas we examine in this training is Personal Property Loss, Caring for an Ill or Disabled Family Member Longterm, Hospitalization and Death. During this time the participants will learn how than can help and assist their fellow coworkers during these times of personal crisis.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st

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