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Tom Vincent, Banking, Compliance and Data Security/Privacy Attorney, GableGotwals

Tom Vincent, Banking, Compliance and Data Security/Privacy Attorney, GableGotwals

Tom C. Vincent II brings extensive experience in banking, financial services, and trust company compliance to his practice at GableGotwals. His background includes serving as The F&M Bank and Trust Company's Chief Compliance Officer, where he chaired the bank's Compliance and Ethics Committee. Tom also held several compliance-related positions with BOK Financial Corporation (BOKF) and its subsidiaries, including serving as Chief Compliance Officer for BOSC, Inc., BOKF's subsidiary broker-dealer, and also as Senior Vice President and the Manager of Corporate Governance and Wealth Management Compliance. Additionally, Tom has experience in investment advisory and trust and fiduciary compliance, and has held various broker-dealer and investment advisory securities licenses. Tom also assists his clients with issues involving data security and privacy, including the establishment of cybersecurity programs, negotiation of appropriate protections for client information, breach identification and required reporting.

Since 2007, Tom has presented with other attorneys on trust administration and compliance topics to audiences of attorneys, bankers, and trust professionals.

A Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager, Tom's hands-on industry experience helps him guide clients though the myriad of state and federal laws, regulations and requirements to ensure compliance and protect them from potential lawsuits and regulatory action.
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Speakers: Brandon Watson, Tom Vincent

Start Up companies need more than a good idea. To best position their new businesses for future success, entrepreneurs need to consider the legal ramifications before opening the doors. Come hear about the important ground work that needs to take place from financing, to intellectual property to data privacy, and everything in-between.
Jul 21st - 2:45 PM
Jul 21st

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