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Will Spurgeon, Sr. Database Programmer Analyst, Midstates Petroleum

Will Spurgeon, Sr. Database Programmer Analyst, Midstates Petroleum

I do database and web application development on the Microsoft stack, with over 15 years experience on SQL Server and .Net, with additional stints as a DBA and as an AppDev manager. I care about delighting the user with real solutions, getting great performance bang-for-buck, and building good data models that stand the test of time. Our family loves the Tulsa area and I enjoy engaging with the great technical community here.
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RedGate Rollouts: Controlled Database Deployments in PCI Environments

Deploying frequent database changes in a consistent and safe manner is difficult in high-security environments (like PCI DSS or HIPAA) where the DEV and PROD networks may not see each other. Fully automated "Continuous Delivery" is not an option. Many shops resort to DBA's running developer-supplied SQL scripts one line at a time. This is hard to roll back quickly or reliably, and relies on developer memory to build the script, leaving it prone to "missing pieces" syndrome and rollout nightmares. There is a valuable middle ground where all your changes are detected and fail-proof scripts are generated for you. Come see battle-tested techniques for how to create reliable database rollouts - even on challenging networks - using tools from RedGate.
Jul 21st - 4:30 PM
Jul 21st