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Yung Chou, Cloud Architect, BlueMetal

Yung Chou, Cloud Architect, BlueMetal

Yung Chou is a Cloud Architect at BlueMetal. In his IT career, he has worked closely with customers and communities in various capacities including application development, technical support, solution sales, IT management and technology evangelism. Recently he has been focusing on hybrid cloud, IaaS solutions and emerging cloud technologies with strong interests in containers, IoT and Machine Learning.
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Container and Virtual Machine: Friends or Foes

The two, containers and virtual machines, are much alike and at the same time very different. This session brings you clarity by examining the conceptual models and demonstrating the operation essentials for employing these two technologies.Virtualization in the past years have become a key strategy for IT to acquire multi-tenancy, increase utilization, develop elasticity and improve security. And virtual machines (VMs) are quickly becoming a basic vehicle for developing and deploying applications. The introduction of containers seems bringing another and perhaps overlapped solution for achieving the same above-mentioned benefits. Are a container and a virtual machine fundamentally the same or different? And how? Is one technically superior to the other? What about performance and security? Does IT need either one, or both? These are just a few topics which this session will examine. The learning objectives of this delivery include:(1) Understanding the technical discrepancies and merits of containers and VMs (2) Familiarizing the basic process and operation routines of the two technologies (3) Assessing why and how to integrate the two technologies
Jul 21st - 10:45 AM
Jul 21st

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